That’s our point, entirely

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Incremental improvements to traditional network monitoring tools would really be like putting lipstick on a pig - you would still have a flawed solution.  A recent article on The Register entitled "What's wrong with network monitoring tools? Where do I start..." was all about incremental improvements to traditional network management methods. These improvements just point out [...]

Local Management serves as an example of M2M automation in a world without standard platforms

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As an automation platform, Uplogix performs basic network monitoring and management actions for just about any device. While the “Internet of things” is gaining steam in popular culture with promises of transforming the world as we know it, one of the key hurdles to widespread adoption is the necessity of standards. Uplogix Local Management is [...]

New functionality for TracStar Antennas

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Stationary autoacquire antennas provide delivery of broadband satellite-based Internet services into mobile environments virtually anywhere. Local Management software now supports the DirectPoint mode for TracStar satellite antennas. This functionality adds to the robust support Uplogix already provides for satcom systems in use worldwide in energy, military and telecom deployments.The DirectPoint functionality is designed to enhance [...]

Deploying and managing services with Uplogix

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Local Management has some clear benefits for managed service providers who use Uplogix to deploy gear faster, manage it better, and control costs while hitting their SLAs. Uplogix is working with one of the top carriers in the world to deploy and manage services for a large federal customer. They are using Local Management throughout [...]

Uplogix plays critical role in growing M2M market

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One key to scaling M2M to predicted levels is machine management of M2M systems. Machine-to-Machine systems will need machine-based management to scale networks required to realize the true value of M2M. This demand for machine-based management of M2M networks will be increasingly driven by the communications, security and control infrastructure requirements at the core of the M2M [...]

Does your data center have “green fatigue?”

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A recent survey by the Uptime Institute indicates that fatigue is beginning to hit some data centers when it comes to the quest for greener and greener operations. In the most recent survey, only half of North American respondents considered energy efficiency to be very important to their companies. This continued a two-year trend, as [...]

MTBF and MTTR are important, but so is MTTI

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MTBF (mean time between faults) and MTTR (mean time to recovery) are important measurements that usually factor into the creation of SLAs (service level agreements). Another important measurement within IT groups when it comes to their management tools should be MTTI, or the mean time to innocence. When there is a problem, this is the [...]

Is being there really half the fun?

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Definitely there and in the moment -- the Uplogix Tough Mudder team after completing the 2013 race though mud, hills, ice, electric shocks and more.See more on the race. A couple years ago we tried out a slogan at Cisco Live that was "We're there... so you don't have to be." The concept of using Local Management [...]

Staying Connected: Out-of-band options with local management

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One of the key features of Local Management is persistent connectivity to remote gear. With Uplogix connected to your network and communications devices, and an out-of-band connection of some sort, you can count on maintaining management access and two-way control even when the network is down or degraded. In addition to being able to connect [...]

Fighting Corruption with Local Management

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Face it. Corruption happens. Maybe it's a hardware issue, maybe it's a software conflict, maybe it's just the result of an honest mistake by an admin trying to do their job. The good news is that Local Management can fight corruption in your network devices automatically. Like a superhero watching over your network, Uplogix wages [...]