Your sleeping army for network automation

There is a good chance that your network has a sleeping army of undead devices out there just waiting to be commanded into action. Not zombies, but console servers. Used for years for remote access to devices connected by some form of out-of-band link, these unassuming devices sit quietly doing nothing at all until finally [...]

Detailed monitoring feeding intelligent, automated actions

The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Traditional network management has a lot in common with Chicken Little. SNMP polling lends itself to snap decisions or delayed information, and relying on the network path for sending traps can fail at the times when you need it the most. See this post as a presentation [...]

Groundhog Day for network configuration

Every year, on February 2nd, crowds in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania gather at dawn to witness a rodent pass judgment on just how much longer winter weather will torment the country. The Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day combined the weirdness of this 127-year tradition with a time loop/karma story where an unpleasant TV weatherman relives the same [...]

M2M Management Case Study: ATMs

Increasingly, automated teller machines are the “brick and mortar” point of contact for customers with their bank. For decades, these M2M systems have been popular with customers and increasingly reliable as the technology has advanced, but also complicated and expensive to support. One Uplogix customer has an aggressive plan to deploy ATMs and chose to [...]

Local Management serves as an example of M2M automation in a world without standard platforms

As an automation platform, Uplogix performs basic network monitoring and management actions for just about any device. While the “Internet of things” is gaining steam in popular culture with promises of transforming the world as we know it, one of the key hurdles to widespread adoption is the necessity of standards. Uplogix Local Management is [...]

Local Management Becomes a Texas Export

This week we announced that manufacturing of the Uplogix Local Manager devices has moved to Creation Technologies in northeast Dallas. With the our headquarters in Austin, the move makes the Lone Star State the home of Local Management.Austin is home for all design, engineering and administrative functions, and our sales operations are worldwide. Uplogix is [...]

A subscription to renew

Uplogix customers span industries from energy production to financial markets to the battle field, and deploy a range of gear including basic networking boxes like routers and switches to more niche devices like SCADA RTUs and satellite antenna controllers. One thing they all seem to have in common is an appreciation for the Uplogix Support [...]

Giving potential customers that light bulb moment

When you have a solution like Local Management, that can impact a variety of IT groups and reach across network management and security processes, the sales process can be a long and winding road. One stop along that journey is the proof of concept (POC). Thomas Edison said, "Anything that won't sell, I don't want [...]

Device management flexibility and the hot August sun

Unfortunately no automation here: Putting a big, heavy antenna on the roof in 100+ degree sun requires physical effort. One of the nifty things about local management from Uplogix is that we generally just don't care what kind of device we're managing. Console connections are available on many different devices from your standard networking gear [...]

De-duping redundant systems for savings, simplicity and savings

A recent congressional hearing focused on getting rid of duplicate IT systems - a significant potential source of savings considering the 2011 overall federal spending on IT was over $79 billion. The two organizations under the microscope were the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy, with 2013 IT budget requests of $37 billion [...]