Case Study: Local management along a long and lonely pipeline

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Uplogix helps secure and simplify management of the network that controls the transportation of energy for millions in North America Enbridge operates the largest and most complex liquids pipeline system in the world For over 60 years, Enbridge has operated pipeline systems. Today, millions of people across North America rely on energy transported by Enbridge [...]

How will you define M2M?

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With the start of the new year, there are many stories about what it will bring in terms of technology. M2M (machine-to-machine communications) seems to be a trending topic in the IT press when it comes to growth areas for 2013. In his "Tech guestimates for the year ahead," ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Larry Dignan stated: "Machine-to-machine [...]

Taking our story down-under

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The winding waterfront of Melbourne A week ago, James Dollar, the founder and CTO of Uplogix had a chance to address the CIOs of one of the largest corporations in the world at a gathering in Australia. It was a chance to introduce a global audience to the concept of local management, as well as [...]

Analyst perspective on Local Management

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Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently published a market perspective on local management technologies, highlighting the Uplogix Local Management Platform. They note an increasing urgency in IT as it deals with a widening human resource gap, ever-present pressures to limit operational expenses, and substantial increases in complexity within IT infrastructure, as driving factors for implementing more [...]

Be Prepared – What Local Management can do in disaster

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The expectations for the storm as of Monday morning, October 29. As the Northeast region of the United States hunkers down for the landfall of Hurricane Sandy it seems to be a good time to reflect (under the blue skies and cool temperatures of a nice early fall day here at Uplogix headquarters in Austin) [...]

Going beyond monitoring for true network management

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Uplogix founder and CTO James Dollar was recent interviewed for a story in Via Satellite magazine on the state of network management in the satellite network world. Having been in the room during the phone interview, it was interesting to hear Dollar put Uplogix into the context of other solutions the reporter was including in [...]

Putting remote automation to the test

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This week NASA provided a great example of automation with successful arrival of the Curiosity rover on Mars after months of spaceflight and a multi-stage landing process referred to as "seven minutes of terror." As a company that has developed a unique solution for network automation, it's easy to draw a few comparisons (as well [...]

Cloud computing with an intelligent network

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The ZK Research paper prepared for Cisco, Why Cloud Computing Needs a Cloud-Intelligent Network, makes some clear points on why the network is as critical (if not more) than any piece of a successful cloud strategy. We couldn't agree more. For Cisco, that means you need to buy their Cloud-Intelligent Network (CIN) gear, and for [...]

Uplogix partner releases State of the Network report

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Network Instruments recently issued their annual State of the Network report predicting a number of network challenges due to increasing use of video and Cloud technologies. With no shortage of work for IT at most companies, the next year should be busy. The highlights from the study include the following challenges for IT staffs: Moving [...]

Persistence, survivability key requirements for arctic network

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What qualifies a site as "remote" to you? Researchers at DARPA (the US military's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) recently announced that they want to create a massive system of unmanned sensors and systems to monitor and track the even the most remote regions of the Arctic. With retreating ice expected over the coming decades, [...]