Fighting Corruption with Local Management

Face it. Corruption happens. Maybe it’s a hardware issue, maybe it’s a software conflict, maybe it’s just the result of an honest mistake by an admin trying to do their job.

The good news is that Local Management can fight corruption in your network devices automatically. Like a superhero watching over your network, Uplogix wages battles on your behalf wherever your gear resides. Local Managers (LMs) are constantly monitoring independently of the network, ready to spring into action to recover from anything from an IOS upgrade patch that doesn’t execute, to those mysterious issues with no obvious cause.

Here are a couple of quick examples:

Scenario: Configuration Loss or Corruption

A network device loses its configuration and becomes unusable, or a corrupt configuration file is accidentally distributed as the new standard.

Uplogix Solution – Configuration Recovery

Issuing the recover configuration command on a port with a managed network device results in:

  • The LM cycles power to the network device
  • Breaks into boot sequence
  • Ignores current configuration
  • Network device comes up with no configuration
  • LM pushes last known good configuration

Scenario: Corrupt or Missing OS File

A hung or unresponsive router can enter ROMmon mode for various reasons such as a boot failure, settings in the virtual configuration register that force the router to stop in ROMmon mode during the boot, or a break sequence sent to the console.

Whatever the cause, the device isn’t available for business use, which likely means that the site is down and productivity comes to a halt.

Uplogix Solution – ROMmon Recovery

  • Detect ROMmon state via default chassis monitor
  • Utilize power management to cycle the router
  • Load stored last known good OS file from the Local Manager to end device using the LM’s TFTP, FTP or Xmodem functionality
  • Issue the boot command

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Tired of dealing with corruption by yourself? You need a vigilant superhero working on your behalf all day, everyday. Read more about the superpowers Uplogix can bring to your network infrastructure.



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