About Uplogix

Uplogix was founded on the observation that the problem with network management is that it relied on the network itself to operate.
To really manage network infrastructure, you need to operate from an out-of-band perspective—and more than just as a remote secondary connection to devices. For Uplogix, evolving out-of-band means monitoring devices and taking actions directly over the console port, like an onsite technician plugging in a laptop. We go far beyond traditional “dumb” console servers that sit plugged in and waiting to be useful should there be a crisis.

Uplogix is the most evolved out-of-band solution on the market.

In most aspects of technology, automation is the norm. Network management has been an exception because no one has confidence in network-dependent automation. We’ve evolved out-of-band to the next level for customers.
Network security is more critical than ever. You need to know that you’re locked down inside and out and be able to prove it. Uplogix works as a secure gateway when the network is up or down.
Truck rolls are expensive. Traditional console servers provide remote access; Uplogix goes beyond what you’d get from a high end console server with greater flexibility for secure access, anywhere.
We’ve been around the block. Our customer list has some big names spanning a number of markets which shows our core value for network management.

What markets do we serve?

We’ve deployed everywhere from the data centers of global financial institutions to remote energy production platforms to the battlefield, as well as the branch office down the street. The challenges we solve exist in all networks. In fact, our top three customers are all in different markets (federal, satellite and financial).



Who we are

Not only do we have an innovative product that reliably automates routine tasks that consume a big chunk of IT time—we tend to have fun doing it.
There is Floyd, our 12-foot inflatable pig and de facto mascot, we are proud observers of International Waffle Day in our office and the voting during the annual Cookie Week in December is always highly contentious. Being located in Austin, Texas ensures that we’re never far from some good Tex-Mex and barbecue or the daily food truck option out in our parking lot.

Some of our customers

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Uplogix was founded in 2004 in Austin, Texas. All engineering, support and marketing efforts are run out of our headquarters on the banks of Bull Creek right on the edge of the Texas Hill Country. Our hardware is built in Texas too! Sales follow the opportunities, which span the globe.
Reach us online or by phone at 877-857-7077.
Uplogix, Inc.
7600B North Capital of Texas Highway
Suite 220
Austin, TX 78731
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Need a place to stay nearby?

Customers love coming to Austin for Uplogix training. They learn about automated out-of-band management by day and enjoy Austin by night.
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