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Network engineers and architects will learn four critical considerations for deploying an effective cellular out-of-band management solution:

  1. All cellular is not the same: what to look for in a plan and equipment
  2. Lock it down: key aspects to reduce cybersecurity risk
  3. There when you need it: how to build a reliable cellular solution
  4. And the most important consideration of all…

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Latest News

SEPTEMBER 12, 2022

Lantronix Announces Acquisition of Uplogix | Lantronix Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX), a global provider of secure turnkey solutions for Intelligent IT and Internet of Things (IoT), today announced its acquisition of Out-of-Band (OOB) management solutions provider, Uplogix Inc.

MAY 19, 2021

IT Solutions Provider Atom Creek Partners with Uplogix to Deliver Out-of-Band Management Automation | Advanced out-of-band platform extends infrastructure and security focus for enterprise-level networks.

OCTOBER 7, 2020

Out-of-Band Leader, Uplogix, announces new products for enterprise network management | The Uplogix LM83X and LM80 platforms deliver faster processing, greater storage, and more connectivity options for out-of-band management and network automation.

May 1, 2020

Uplogix v6.0 software sets new standard for enterprise out-of-band management experience | Guided context-sensitive menus and dynamic graphics added to the Uplogix Control Center as well as expanded space for local storage of config and modern OS files, and new combo modems for out-of-band.

MARCH 20, 2017

Uplogix helps feed network connectivity and uptime for multinational food products company NOC team | Sugar Foods Corporation replaces legacy console servers with Uplogix for automated remote management capabilities and increased network security.

JUNE 8, 2015

WAN Traffic Failover elevates expectations for what’s possible with out-of-band technology in latest software release | Uplogix announced today details on the upcoming June release of the next version of software.


MARCH 17, 2015

Most intelligent and secure out-of-band platform to demo at CiscoLive 2015 in Melbourne | Uplogix begins exhibiting at the Cisco Live World of Solutions today, demonstrating its Local Management Platform. The event will provide an opportunity to demonstrate some of the key features of the product.


DECEMBER 9, 2014

Uplogix Delivers Virtual Remote Management of Satcoms Systems at Sea | Uplogix announced it has deployed its first virtual Local Management solution onboard maritime vessels with MTN Communications.


NOVEMBER 13, 2014

Uplogix Local Management Software v5.1 available, expands the scope and speed of out-of-band management | Fifth-generation Uplogix software most powerful yet for secure access and control of remote networking and communications device


NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Uplogix demos for the Australian Military Community | Uplogix attends MilCIS, the Australian military communication and information systems conference in Canberra this week.


OCTOBER 30, 2014

Lisa Frankovitch Appointed CEO of Uplogix | Uplogix today announced the appointment of Lisa Frankovitch as CEO of the Austin-based maker of local management solutions.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Uplogix to provide reliable remote management for Orange Business Services’ $12 million satcom contract with BW Offshore | Local Management deployed for satcom infrastructure management in an agreement recently announced by Orange Business Services and BW Offshore.


AUGUST 4, 2014

Uplogix integrates with ServiceNow, bringing network-independent automation to cloud-based job ticketing | Uplogix announced its integration with ServiceNow today, applying the patented Local Management platform for monitoring network infrastructure devices and automating the job ticketing process through ServiceNow.


JULY 28, 2014

Hills and Uplogix sign exclusive distribution agreement | The agreement will expand Local Management in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.


MAY 19, 2014

Local automation of network management essential to realize value in the Internet of Everything | Uplogix will exhibit at the Cisco Live World of Solutions in San Francisco demonstrating how its Local Management Platform fits into the much talked about Internet of Everything.


MARCH 18, 2014

Local Management goes down under for Cisco Live ANZ 2014 | Uplogix will join Australian partner STEP Electronics this week to demonstrate the Local Management platform for attendees of the annual networking show.


FEBRUARY 27, 2014

Local Management for network and satellite communications to deploy on newest rigs in Songa fleet | Uplogix Local Management has been chosen as the technology to manage network and satellite communications infrastructure for two of the newest rigs for Songa Offshore.


FEBRUARY 13, 2014

Advances in out-of-band network management go far beyond traditional expectations | The first in a series of webinars will show how Local Management paves new roads for network management


JANUARY 8, 2014

Uplogix Integrates Smart Power Management into Network Management Automation| Power management is a critical part of network IT, and Uplogix brings intelligence and automation to both managing and monitoring power throughout the infrastructure and the ability to control outlets and groups of outlets.


DECEMBER 2, 2013

CenturyLink signs federal government sales agreement with Uplogix | CenturyLink, Inc. recently signed an agreement authorizing it to sell the Uplogix management solution to federal government agencies.


NOVEMBER 26, 2013

Uplogix Local Management Software v4.7 now available with support for DC-powered platform, new connectivity options | New release delivers increased functionality, improvements for Local Managers and the Uplogix Control Center


NOVEMBER 13, 2013

Expanded Partner Portal debuts on Uplogix Website | Uplogix goes live with updated online Partner Resources.


NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Uplogix demonstrates Local Management solution at Cisco Live Mexico and Oilcomm 2013 this week | Uplogix participates in two tradeshows this week demonstrating Local Management and connecting with current customers


OCTOBER 16, 2013

Uplogix celebrates role in supporting Cyber Security Awareness Month | Both Uplogix and the National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) are celebrating 10-year anniversaries in 2013, and their relevance to today’s technology landscape is more important than ever.


OCTOBER 10, 2013

Gartner Symposium speakers expect digital workforce to disrupt IT | The Gartner Symposium included much discussion on the digital workforce – smart machines like the Uplogix Local Manager.


OCTOBER 3, 2013

Federal shutdown highlights need for network automation amid the trend toward doing more with less in IT | A recent editorial Uplogix founder and CEO James Dollar warns that one area being overlooked is the network itself.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

Next-Generation Firewalls Benefit from Local Management | Uplogix provides secure management of critical security devices such as firewalls, as well as automated actions and configuration management.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2013

Automate network device configuration changes remotely and with confidence using Uplogix Local Management | Uplogix allows IT to work smarter by solving the key weakness with making configuration changes remotely to avoid getting cut off from a device and not being able to recover it.



Uplogix Local Management serves as an example of M2M automation in a world without standard platforms | Lack of standards is a hurdle to widespread M2M adoption — Uplogix Local Management is an example of and M2M solution with the flexibility to work with a variety of vendors and devices.


AUGUST 27, 2013

Uplogix Local Management solutions are now available for federal acquisition through SEWP | The NASA SEWP program, a multi-award GWAC vehicle for IT products and product-based services, now includes Uplogix Local Management solutions


AUGUST 20, 2013

Local Management required for M2M device networking critical to smart grid | The success of the global smart grid market will require secure automation like Uplogix Local Management to scale in both size and performance while controlling costs


AUGUST 16, 2013

Data Center Incident Reveals Riskier Side of Consolidation and the Need for Faster Problem Resolution | Uplogix provides solutions for the increasingly-important network infrastructure component often overlooked in the cloud discussion


AUGUST 9, 2013

Uplogix Releases Additional Support for TracStar Antennas | New support for DirectPoint mode has been added to the Local Management Software that will benefit satcom for energy, military and telecom deployments.


AUGUST 2, 2013

Local Management Becomes a Texas Export | Uplogix announces that manufacturing of its Local Manager devices has moved to Creation Technologies in northeast Dallas. With the Uplogix headquarters in Austin, the move makes Texas the home of Local Management.


JULY 25, 2013

Uplogix plays critical role in growing M2M market | Uplogix delivers secure, intelligent machine-based management for M2M systems in a solution that enables scaling of the network management functions required to achieve the promises of M2M.


JULY 11, 2013

Uplogix announces a joint web presentation with FCN Technology Solutions | This is the first joint webinar between the two partners and will demonstrate key functionality already in use by Uplogix customers


JULY 3, 2013

Uplogix expands its international business in South Africa | Uplogix is looking to further expand in the financial, telecommunications, and public security and infrastructure sectors of the South African market


JUNE 26, 2013

Uplogix Serves as Silver Sponsor at Cisco Live for the Fifth Year in a Row | Uplogix demos at the largest annual IT and communications conference for Cisco.


JUNE 20, 2013

Uplogix passes the Cisco Interoperability Verification Testing | Using the UCS Express as a hosting environment to embed Local Management Software on Cisco ISRs, the router becomes a full featured Uplogix Local Manager.


JANUARY 23, 2013

Uplogix launches next generation of the Local Management Platform | New hardware versions will deliver Uplogix Local Management for network devices and machine-to-machine management.


NOVEMBER 15, 2012

Uplogix Partners with STEP Electronics to Bring Local Management to Australia and the South Pacific | Uplogix goes down under with new satellite company partnership


JUNE 22, 2012

Leading network analyst brings insight to Orange County Lunch | Uplogix, the leader in Local Management is proud to present Jim Frey of EMA Associates at the Center Club in Costa Mesa, California on June 26 at 11 a.m. for an afternoon of discussion about what it really means to be ready for the age of Cloud and Virtualization.


MAY 15, 2012

Uplogix joins with NetXcom to bring local management to South African networks | New partner to distribute Uplogix Local Management in Sub-Saharan Africa


DECEMBER 2, 2011

Uplogix and TeleCommunication Systems Expand Reach of Local Management in Secure Mobile Communications Worldwide | Uplogix and TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) today announced a new agreement that will allow TCS to utilize Uplogix solutions in their managed services business units, as well as resell Uplogix solutions to end customers.


JULY 29, 2011

Uplogix delivers new virtual capabilities to lower real-world network infrastructure OPEX | Uplogix Local Management Software version 4.4 now available


JULY 14, 2011

Uplogix provides customers with decreased opex in distributed it environments | Uplogix announces that Local Management Software is now available on Cisco UCS Express


MAY 9, 2011

Uplogix demonstrates localized network management for defense networks at Joint Warfighting 2011 | Come see Uplogix demo Localized Management in Virginia Beach, VA, booth #817


MARCH 14, 2011

Uplogix demonstrates enterprise-class network management and automation for satellite networks at Satellite 2011 | Product demos and panel discussions highlight this week’s activities at the 30th annual satellite conference in Washington DC


MARCH 7, 2011

Uplogix and Intellian announce compatibility, expanding remote access and management automation for maritime VSAT satellite antennas | Product compatibility expands opportunities for vessels utilizing Uplogix localized management


FEBRUARY 23, 2011

Uplogix hires experienced venture capital executive for vice president of business development role | New vice president of Uplogix will focus on expanding partnerships and opportunities


NOVEMBER 18, 2010


SEPTEMBER 30, 2010

Cobham SATCOM makes maritime VSAT stronger with automated network management from Uplogix | Cobham SATCOM and Uplogix announce a partnership that will bring enterprise-class automation to maritime networks


SEPTEMBER 20, 2010

Uplogix RMOS v4.3 adds additional security for government applications | The new release of Uplogix RMOS is available. v4.3 meets or exceeds requirements for FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification, along with improvements for IPv6 addressing schemes, expanded VSAT support, packet capture for troubleshooting, Cisco NX-OS support and functionality for easier out-of-band connections to remote appliances through the Uplogix Control Center.



Tec-Nor integrates Uplogix remote management into VSAT deployments in the energy industry | Uplogix announces Tec-Nor deal as inaugural sale for recently opened Mexico office


MARCH 16, 2010


JANUARY 26, 2010

Iridium Provides Satellite Data Links For Management And Recovery Solutions For Remote Communication Network Sites | Uplogix, Iridium, Proactive Communications and DTS strengthen satellite communications networks at mission critical sites like Afghanistan, Iraq and natural disaster areas


JANUARY 12, 2010

Uplogix and DTS partner to deliver monthly subscription-based services for managing remote networks | Uplogix announces the availability of two new services designed to lower the capital costs of deploying technology to increase network uptime and reduce support costs.


OCTOBER 13, 2009

Data Technology Solutions sets standard for VSAT network reliability with Uplogix platform | Uplogix announces a technology partnership with Data Technology Solutions, improving service quality for oil &gas, maritime and government applications



Uplogix RMOS v4.1 Release Expands Satellite Antenna Control | Uplogix announces the release of RMOS v4.1


JUNE 29, 2009

Uplogix Joins Cisco Technology Developer Program | Uplogix announces compatibility of its remote network management platform and membership in the Cisco TDP


JUNE 18, 2009

Orange Business Services Chooses Uplogix as Strategic Technology Partner | Partnership will add Uplogix solutions into Orange satellite network services offerings


JUNE 16, 2009


APRIL 22, 2009

Uplogix and Parallel Announce Technology Partnership to Make Satellite Networks Stronger | Uplogix today announced the participation of Parallel Software in its Satellite Technology Partner Program.


MARCH 23, 2009

Uplogix to Participate in SATELLITE 2009 Conference Panel | Uplogix announces their participation in the Satellite SWOT panel discussion at SATELLITE 2009 Conference.


MARCH 11, 2009

Uplogix Names Transcendent Global Networks LLC as Channel Partner | Uplogix announces today that Transcendent Global Networks LLC has been named a channel partner with a focus on the Satellite and Energy Markets.


MARCH 9, 2009

Uplogix Releases RMOS v4.0 Software Platform for Automated Management and Recovery of Remote Networks | Uplogix announces the availability of its Uplogix Remote Management Operating System (RMOS) v4.0 intelligent software platform.


JANUARY 21, 2009

Uplogix Appoints Ken Kieley as Chief Financial Officer | Uplogix announces appointment of Ken Kieley as Chief Financial Officer. With more than 30 years of experience in finance, information systems and operations, Mr. Kieley will take the lead in long-range strategic financial operations and planning for the company.


JANUARY 12, 2009

Uplogix Appoints Rahmat Allied Sdn Bhd as First South East Asia Channel Partner | Uplogix announces Rahmat Allied Sdn Bhd as its first partner in Malaysia and has already begun a number of projects including a feasibility study for a 3,000 node installation within a major educational institution.


NOVEMBER 10, 2008

Uplogix Partners with Navix Distribution to Open New South African Channel | Uplogix announces Navix Distribution is its first distributor for South Africa and has already begun working on projects with MSPs, financial service companies and telecommunications operators.


OCTOBER 27, 2008

Uplogix Selected to Showcase Value of Secure Remote Management at Offshore Communications 2008 | Uplogix announces Mark Piening, VP of marketing and product management, has been selected to speak at the 8th Annual Offshore Communications 2008 Conference & Exhibition held November 4-6 in Houston


OCTOBER 13, 2008

Uplogix Changes the Economics of Remote Management at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2008 | Uplogix demonstrates how secure remote management slashes IT costs and risks that software-only solutions fail to address


OCTOBER 8, 2008

Uplogix Partnership with Sematron UK Delivers Secure Remote Management to Satellite and Fixed Network Customers | Uplogix announces a new partnership with Sematron, a major European supplier of Satellite, RF, microwave and digital technology.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2008

Teneo Selects Uplogix to Deliver Secure Remote Management to Substantial Riverbed Customer Base | Uplogix announces a new partnership with Teneo Ltd., a specialist in Infrastructure Optimization Solutions, to deliver Uplogix secure remote management technology to help its clients reduce operational costs associated with managing remote sites.


AUGUST 18, 2008

Uplogix Partners with Olivercom LLC to Open New Middle East Channel | Uplogix announces today that Olivercom LLC has become its first Distributor for the Middle East as part of a regional expansion following strong demand.


AUGUST 11, 2008

Uplogix partnership delivers next generation secure remote management to Calyx customers | Uplogix announces a new partnership with Calyx to deliver secure remote management solutions


AUGUST 4, 2008

Uplogix Appoints New Board Member | Uplogix announces the appointment of Robert McFarland, Daylight Partners, to its Board of Directors.


JULY 21, 2008

Uplogix Selected to Speak at Remote Conference 2008 | Uplogix announces their invitation to speak at the Remote 2008 Conference & Expo held November 5-6 in Atlanta, GA. Vice President of Marketing Mark Piening will present a 45-minute Remote Networking Track titled, “Ensuring Constant Connectivity and Secure Access to Remote Locations.”


JULY 16, 2008

Uplogix Delivers Secure Remote Management Solutions for Sun Server Platforms | Uplogix announces it will offer its award-winning Uplogix SRM platform as a component of Sun’s server management offering.


JUNE 23, 2008

Uplogix Launches New Fully-Integrated Remote Management Appliance at Affordable Price Point | Uplogix announces the release of the Uplogix 430, a new compact, fixed 4-port version of the Uplogix SRM appliance designed for large enterprises needing to cost-effectively manage a handful of devices at multiple remote locations with limited or no local IT support.


JUNE 23, 2008

World Wide Technology Partners with Uplogix | Uplogix announces a strategic partnership with World Wide Technology (WWT) to offer its fully-integrated remote management solutions.


JUNE 23, 2008

Uplogix Releases Uplogix RMOS v3.5 Software Platform for Managing Distributed Networks | Uplogix announces the launch of the Uplogix Remote Management Operating System v3.5.


JUNE 17, 2008

Uplogix Wins Network Management Product of the Year at TechWorld 2008 Awards | Uplogix announces their Best-in-Class products for managing remote locations have won “Network Management Product of the Year” at the TechWorld 2008 awards.


MAY 28, 2008

Uplogix Awarded GSA Schedule Contract for Remote Management Services | Uplogix announces the award of a five-year General Services Administration (GSA) information technology contract (GS-35F-0511T).


MAY 20, 2008

Uplogix Selected as Finalist for Techworld Awards | Uplogix today announced that it has been selected as a finalist in the Network Management Product of the Year category for the Techworld 2008 awards.


MAY 12, 2008

Uplogix Expands Into West Africa with UnoTelos Partnership | Uplogix today announced its partnership with Lagos-based UnoTelos to deliver its fully-integrated remote management platform to help Nigerian-based oil and gas companies address management challenges across highly dispersed remote locations.


APRIL 2, 2008

Uplogix Announces $10 Million in Additional Funding | Uplogix customer Citi (NYSE: C) becomes an investor along with Adams Capital Management and other private investors including Fayez Sarofim & Co. through an investment of $10 million. Uplogix attracted the new investment dollars with its innovative remote management solution and will use the new capital to accelerate global expansion to meet customer demand.


MARCH 31, 2008

Uplogix Enhances Secure Remote Management Appliance for Managing Distributed Networks | Uplogix announces the general availability of Envoy™ and Envoy Management Station™ (EMS) v3.4. The enhancements in this new version will help large IT organizations further automate routine maintenance and recovery tasks to alleviate the risks, complexity and costs in managing dispersed networks.


MARCH 5, 2008

Uplogix and Aberdeen Announce New Report: The Roadmap to the Next Generation Branch Office Network | Uplogix contributed to the report which highlights eight different technology enablers that are allowing best-in-class organizations to achieve a superior level of performance.


MARCH 3, 2008

Uplogix Wins Distinguished Technical Communication Award for Outstanding Product Documentation | Uplogix announced it has been awarded the Society for Technical Communication’s top level accolade, the Distinguished Technical Communication Award, for its Envoy® documentation CD and installation poster.


JANUARY 28, 2008

Uplogix Relocates to Larger Office Space | Driven by growth surge in customer adoption, Uplogix more than doubles the size of its headquarters, allowing room for growth and providing more resources and production space.


JANUARY 24, 2008

Uplogix’ Mark Piening to Speak at 2008 Technosium Conference on Next-Generation Remote Management for Satellite-based Networks | Piening will discuss the most common challenges operational and IT staff face when managing distributed satellite-based communication networks remotely and how next-generation remote management can help reduce the expense and headaches of supporting remote locations by automating routine maintenance and recovery, and improve service level agreements (SLA).


OCTOBER 22, 2007

Uplogix Gains Market Momentum with Demand for Next-Generation Secure Remote Management Technology | Customer adoption more than doubled in last year; Leading vehicle auction provider ADESA deploys Uplogix secure remote management platform to improve network performance, reduce IT costs across distributed infrastructure


JULY 10, 2007

Uplogix Teams With RSA, The Security Division of EMC, to Deliver Enhanced Remote Management Security | Uplogix, the leading provider of remote management solutions, today announced that is has been awarded RSA Secured certification, confirming Uplogix remote management products’ interoperability with industry leading two-factor authentication technology from RSA, the Security Division of EMC.


MAY 21, 2007

Uplogix Introduces Optimized Console Management Solution for the Solaris 10 Operating System | Attains Principal Partner Status in the Sun Partner Advantage Program


APRIL 2, 2007

Uplogix Appoints Tom Goldman as New Chief Executive Officer | Seasoned Network Management Veteran Will Drive Company Growth and Guide Market Strategy


MARCH 26, 2007

Uplogix Announces European Expansion to Bring Next-Generation Out-of-Band Management to EMEA Marketplace | Company Opens London Office, Signs First Regional Partners and Appoints Director to Accelerate Sales in EMEA


FEBRUARY 26, 2007

Uplogix Launches Partner Program to Expand Availability of next-generation remote management solutions | Gillaspy Associates, SalesWare Solutions, NH&A, and Alliance Micro First Join Growing List of Industry Leaders

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