Uplogix Product Life Cycle Information

Uplogix strives to provide best-in-class products and services to meet our customer’s needs throughout all stages of the product life cycle.

As technology and business needs evolve, there will be cases were older products and technologies no longer meet market requirements, therefore periodically, it becomes necessary to end the production and shipment of certain products. The decision to discontinue a product is based on a number of factors, including the availability of certain manufacturing components needed to continue production, third-party manufacturers’ product discontinuation, or the introduction of a newer product with more advanced features and functionality.

Uplogix may revise these guidelines from time to time at Uplogix’ sole discretion. For more information, please contact your sales executive for additional details.

End of Life (EOL) Product Dates

Product SKUDescriptionEnd of Hardware SupportEnd of Software SupportEnd of LifeEnd of Sale
71-1321-10FIPS Uplogix 5000 Local Manager, 14 Serial, V.92 modem12/31/202312/31/202512/31/202512/31/2020
61-5001-01Uplogix 5000 8 Port Serial Expansion Module w/ LMS - FIPS12/31/2023​12/31/2025​12/31/202512/31/2020
61-5500-30Uplogix 5000 Local Manager12/31/202312/31/202512/31/202512/31/2020
61-5500-33FIPS Uplogix 5000 Local Manger12/31/202312/31/202512/31/202512/31/2020
61-5050-30Uplogix 500 Local Manager12/31/202312/31/202512/31/202512/31/2020
61-5050-33FIPS Uplogix 500 Local Manager12/31/202312/31/202512/31/202512/31/2020
61-2011-05Dell R430 Uplogix Control Center12/31/2023N/A12/31/202512/31/2020
60-0252-02Dell R710 Uplogix Control Center2/1/2018N/A2/1/20182/1/2018
VariousUplogix 3200 Local Manager12/15/20181/1/20131/1/20131/1/2013
VariousFIPS Uplogix 3200 Local Manager12/15/20181/1/20131/1/20131/1/2013
VariousUplogix 430 Local Manager12/15/20181/1/20131/1/20131/1/2013
VariousFIPS Uplogix 430 Local Manager12/15/20181/1/20131/1/20131/1/2013
VariousUplogix 400 Local Manager6/1/20083/31/20103/31/20131/1/2007