Local Management part of the solution for wireless carrier challenges

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At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week wireless carrier executives discussed the challenges of meeting an exploding demand on their networks as the number of users and their appetite for bandwidth continue to grow. The service providers' concern is that while they are seeing doubling in wireless data needs, they are not expecting [...]

Locally managing inline devices with Uplogix

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Inline devices like intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and WAN acceleration are a common part of most network setups today. While these applications have become critical to network operations, they also pose a critical point of failure based on their location, often between layers 2 and 3 in the network topology. Network-independent local monitoringUplogix local management [...]

The Power of Local Management for the Energy Industry

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The networking challenges in the Energy business rival those of any other industry. Combine vast distances between sites, large amounts of data and truly critical requirements for uptime and security with the fact that much of the infrastructure is years and decades old, and it's clear why Uplogix has found wide adoption in Energy. Our [...]

Shining a light on the dark corners of your network

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Being able to effectively monitor your entire distributed infrastructure and the performance that it is providing to end users is critical, and is what all network management systems are designed to do. However, not all are equally adept.You wouldn't use a street light down the road to read a magazine at your house -- they [...]