Uplogix-LM83X and LM80

Multiple Options for Deploying Uplogix

Made in the USA

Uplogix is created, coded and constructed in Austin, Texas.

Uplogix can be deployed in a variety of ways depending on your existing infrastructure and network management needs. We have two hardware versions of our purpose-built Local Managers, the Uplogix LM83X and LM80. Each provides a local platform for running the Uplogix Local Management Software (LMS), and share features like an option slot for internal modems, dual management Ethernet ports and on-board storage.

The Uplogix LMS has also been virtualized, and can be run as a VM letting you take advantage of an existing investment in extensible Cisco Integrated Services Routers with support for SRE Modules and HWIC serial port adapters, or on a local server with connections to devices through a console server.



The replacement to the 5000, Uplogix’ new Local Manager, the Uplogix LM83X is available in models that can manage 8–56 devices including a managed power supply. The Uplogix LM83X  is a scalable and robust out-of-band platform for enterprises that need to manage an ever-growing infrastructure of distributed networking gear, servers and other IT devices located at remote sites, branch locations and data centers.


The replacement to the 500, the new Uplogix LM80 is a full featured, compact and cost effective Local Manager capable of managing eight network devices including a managed power supply. This smaller version of the Uplogix LM83X is well suited for deployments that have physical space limitations, or in non–racked environments. It is ideal for branch offices and remote applications where space is at a premium.


Deployed in the NOC, the Uplogix Control Center delivers real-time monitoring and management capabilities, offering a unified view of what’s occurring in your distributed infrastructure. As an element manager for Uplogix Local Managers, the Control Center also serves as the gateway between the Local Managers in the network and existing IT management systems.


Virtual Local Managers can be used in the same deployment with physical Local Managers, potentially allowing customers to save money by using hardware they already have. They may be deployed on bare-metal ESXi and KVM hypervisors. 

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