Uplogix plays critical role in growing M2M market

One key to scaling M2M to predicted levels is
machine management of M2M systems.

Machine-to-Machine systems will need machine-based management to scale networks required to realize the true value of M2M. This demand for machine-based management of M2M networks will be increasingly driven by the communications, security and control infrastructure requirements at the core of the M2M value proposition. To connect the billions of devices expected, infrastructure components such as M2M gateways, firewalls, RTUs, PLCs, communications gear and even standard networking gear like routers and switches will be highly-distributed, making on-site repairs, changes and upgrades expensive and sometimes dangerous.

The Uplogix Local Management platform does this today. We implement automated management functionality in the same location as the devices being managed, connecting independently of any network. High-resolution monitoring and trend analysis is combined with automated responses to the basic issues that make up the bulk of networking troubles. Uplogix delivers secure, intelligent machine-based management for M2M systems in a solution that enables scaling of the network management functions required to achieve the promises of M2M.

An example of where Uplogix is already providing value in a critical M2M system is the pipeline industry. Thousands of miles of pipelines are monitored by systems made up of RTUs, PLCs and various communications ranging from microwave radio to satellite links. The shift from SCADA to IP networks has also introduced routers, switches and firewalls into the field, increasing complexity and the need for on-site maintenance when there are issues.

Uplogix has been successful in integrating the management of these hybrid systems, automating maintenance as well as providing an on-site “toolbox” for remote administrators performing higher level activities without having to go onsite. This means less time traveling to remote sites reacting to problems and more time for the proactive improvements that will expand the value of M2M.

As the M2M market continues to develop and new standards emerge, the flexibility of the Local Management platform will be critical. Current applications include M2M management for SCADA/Modbus networks and IP/Zigbee systems or distributed advanced intelligent devices that combine a variety of physical systems that rely on constant communication to centralized systems, like an ATM or CNC machine on a factory floor.

Find out more about Uplogix Local Management in M2M systems at Uplogix.com/M2M.



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