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Flexible, Secure Remote Access

Access your network infrastructure whether the network is up or down

Secure Access on a Closed Platform

Network security is more critical than ever. The security features of the Uplogix platform were initially developed for customers in finance and the military, but many enterprises are finding they need similar functionality. You need to know that your network is locked down inside and out and be able to prove it. With the average cost of a security breach increasing yearly, what business today doesn’t need reliable network security?

Uplogix is a secure, closed appliance. The underlying Linux OS does not have root access, which eliminates threat vectors possible with an open console server. Beyond the separation from the OS, the Uplogix platform is FIPS 140-2 Level Two Certified — not just a component of the solution like a FIPS-certified Open SSL library. Our solid state hard drives are available with AES-256 disk encryption, and only the SSH port is open by default.

All configuration and features for managing devices are governed by powerful and granular authorization controls with every activity and change logged and archived to the NOC. With features that automate device monitoring, maintenance and recovery, scripting isn’t necessary, avoiding another threat vector.


Uplogix Offers Secure Remote Access

  • Uplogix maintains and enforces AAA with granular authorization and logging (session, change & event) capabilities regardless of the state of the network
  • Our hardware features modular out-of-band options – plug in the right solution for each site
  • Built on a closed Linux distribution, Uplogix is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified and provides complete audit and compliance reporting, making it the most secure console management device

Secure Remote Access Examples

Modular OOB: Multiple secondary out-of-band network options all available on the same device without having to switch models

  • v.92
  • LTE
  • Fiber
  • Secondary Ethernet Service
  • Low Earth Orbit Satellite

“Remote access and automation come at a cost, but that’s no reason they can’t be as secure as any other system in your network. In this post, we’ll look at how Uplogix respects the privileged access you give it with a robust AAA model that includes what we call Granular Authorization.”

WAN Traffic Failover (WTF)

Using OOB for Primary Traffic

Uplogix can act as a backup cellular router by sharing its out-of-band cellular LTE connection with the local router/firewall/WAN accelerator.

How WAN Traffic Failover (WTF) Works:

  1. A WAN router experiences an outage (A) that prevents it from sending local traffic back to the headquarters via its WAN.

  2. Both the router and the Uplogix Local Manager (LM) detect the outage. The LM brings up its LTE cellular out-of-band connection when the Pulse test fails and the router changes its default route to be the Uplogix LM (B).

  3. The router sends all (or select) traffic through a VPN over the cellular network back to the NOC while the WAN is down (C). The LM builds a VPN over the cellular WAN back to the NOC that is used for all network management traffic to and from the remote site.

  4. The router and the LM continue to monitor primary WAN connectivity. When the router detects that the WAN connection is restored, it changes the default gateway for its traffic back to the WAN. When the LM detects a healthy WAN connection, it tears down its VPN and the cellular LTE out-of-band connection, and returns to communicating over the WAN.

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Network Independent Management

Uplogix proactively and persistently monitors the network infrastructure through a direct connection


Patented Automated Actions

The core of our automation is that Uplogix works like an admin whether the network is up or down


Flexible, Secure Remote Access 

Access your network infrastructure whether the network is up or down


US-based Technical Support

24x7x365 Technical Support

Uplogix Resource Center

Uplogix attacks the challenges of network management from a different angle. Take a few minutes to browse through our Data Sheets, Case Studies and additional resources to see for yourself. 

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