Uplogix Solutions for Financial Networks

Applying out-of-band management in both data center and branch offices to ensure security, compliance while maintaining critical uptime.

Some of the world’s largest banks use Uplogix

Deploying Uplogix in financial data centers and branch office networks not only brings the core values of lowering OPEX and improving service levels, but also improves security and regulatory compliance. Uplogix extends role-based management policies to network devices.

Uplogix manages server and network device serial port access, applying policy to ensure sessions are properly closed. This helps eliminate the likelihood of inappropriate access. Authentication, Authorization and Access (AAA) is maintained by Uplogix even when the network is down, removing the potential for unaudited access to managed devices using “break glass” passwords with sweeping privileges. Audit functionality extends to all actions including warning dialogs and responses so it’s possible to know who, did what, and to what affect.

Global financial services giant chooses Uplogix to securely automate critical data center infrastructure

CASE STUDY | See how Uplogix improves security in one of the largest and most distributed financial networks.

Combining secure out-of-band access with intelligent management features that automate support of our Solaris servers and networking devices made the product so compelling that we opted to replace existing traditional terminal servers with the Uplogix appliances.

Uplogix solves the challenge of diverse branch offices

In the enterprise,Uplogix is a critical tool for addressing the challenges of managing branch offices and remote sites with capabilities that lower support costs and increase uptime and network security. Uplogix also complements existing in-band, centralized monitoring systems while providing centralized IT staff with the access, control and enforcement capabilities
needed to manage remote locations:

  • Maintains management connectivity with distributed locations, even when the network is down or degraded, to provide always-secure out-of-band access to distributed devices
  • Provides best-in-class problem diagnosis and recovery capabilities to autonomously detect and fix remote issues without having to deploy expensive resources on-site
  • Locally executes routine remote maintenance tasks like patch upgrades and configuration changes consistently and error-free, significantly reducing ongoing remote support costs
  • Offers a secure platform for remote management and ensures compliance with internal management policies, regardless of the state of the network

Managing the aftermath of a merger

Mergers are common in the financial world, and often IT groups find themselves managing disparate financial networks. Uplogix integrates with various network devices and server platforms by tying the device’s command line interface into the Uplogix unified CLI framework. The unified common interface not only eliminates the need for administrators to remember individual device commands, but also makes automating common management tasks simpler. Devices not currently supported can be managed natively by using the device CLI.