Next-Generation Firewalls Benefit from Local Management

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Secure your firewall by taking its management interface out of the network path and more with Uplogix Lots of firewall news this week. First, HP announced its Next-Generation Firewall line, joining Palo Alto Networks, Cisco and Check Point in the evolving world of firewalls that blend traditional port-based controls with application controls and intrusion prevention. [...]

Automate network device configuration changes remotely and with confidence

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Uplogix returns your device to it's previous workingstate automatically by backing out each change made,reviving your gear and guaranteeing a quick recovery. No longer must configuration changes for key network devices be a late night weekend activity for IT admins with Uplogix Local Management. For years, this was the standard operating procedure to ensure there [...]

Local Management Becomes a Texas Export

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This week we announced that manufacturing of the Uplogix Local Manager devices has moved to Creation Technologies in northeast Dallas. With the our headquarters in Austin, the move makes the Lone Star State the home of Local Management.Austin is home for all design, engineering and administrative functions, and our sales operations are worldwide. Uplogix is [...]

Kick the tires, feel the horsepower

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A frequent question we get at Uplogix is "is your product a console server?" Answer - absolutely, we're the best console server on the market—the most reliable and secure out-of-band access solution. Add in our Local Management Software, when you need access, you'll get it. Whatever you want out of a console server you'll get [...]

MTBF and MTTR are important, but so is MTTI

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MTBF (mean time between faults) and MTTR (mean time to recovery) are important measurements that usually factor into the creation of SLAs (service level agreements). Another important measurement within IT groups when it comes to their management tools should be MTTI, or the mean time to innocence. When there is a problem, this is the [...]

Death, taxes and downtime — pick two?

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There are lots of stats on downtime - one we use around Uplogix is that 60% of network downtime is caused by human error during device configuration. Maybe it's from a "fat-finger" mistake, or it could be what was thought to be a simple change actually impacted the device in unexpected ways. Many in IT [...]

Mixing Local Management with rocket science

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Last week was the Satellite 2013 Conference in Washington DC. Uplogix was there exhibiting in the large hall featuring a variety of vendors promoting everything from rocket launch vehicles to nondescript signal conversion widgets to air time. As usual, our message was a little different, but well received in the satellite market. There were some [...]

Treating sequestration symptoms with local management

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Avoiding the politics of the sequestration drama isn't easy, but here we'll try to just state some facts and discuss a few things that Uplogix can help out with. Change brings opportunity, and in a time of broad budget cuts there are probably many federal agencies that are going to look (hopefully) to technology to [...]

Fighting Corruption with Local Management

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Face it. Corruption happens. Maybe it's a hardware issue, maybe it's a software conflict, maybe it's just the result of an honest mistake by an admin trying to do their job. The good news is that Local Management can fight corruption in your network devices automatically. Like a superhero watching over your network, Uplogix wages [...]

Be Prepared – What Local Management can do in disaster

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The expectations for the storm as of Monday morning, October 29. As the Northeast region of the United States hunkers down for the landfall of Hurricane Sandy it seems to be a good time to reflect (under the blue skies and cool temperatures of a nice early fall day here at Uplogix headquarters in Austin) [...]