Automate network device configuration changes remotely and with confidence

Uplogix returns your device to it’s previous working
state automatically by backing out each change made,
reviving your gear and guaranteeing a quick recovery.
No longer must configuration changes for key network devices
be a late night weekend activity for IT admins with Uplogix Local Management.
For years, this was the standard operating procedure to ensure there was time
to fix anything that “broke” during the changes and not impact business
In today’s Product Feature Focus, we’re going to look at Uplogix SurgicalRollback.
Uplogix allows admins to work smarter by solving the key
weakness with making configuration changes remotely: it’s too easy to get cut
off from a device and not be able to recover it. Local
Management functionality for configuration changes includes the
SurgicalRollback feature. In this process, an admin pushes changes through the
Uplogix Local Manager (LM) that is connected directly to the device. Current device
configurations are automatically saved on the LM and changes are pushed by the
Uplogix software. The changes are confirmed with the admin after being applied.
Should a change cut off the admin from the device, Uplogix will automatically
roll the device back to its previous state by backing out each change to
restore the device to its previous state.
“Everyone in this line of work has made an error of some
sort, or changed an ACL (access control list) and found themselves cut off from
a remote device,” said James Dollar, Uplogix founder and CTO. “Then you are
left trying to find someone onsite to help out or you have to make a service
call. When you make a mistake like this with Uplogix, you go get a cup of coffee
and your device will be back to its previous state when you return.”
With the SurgicalRollback “safety net,” administrators can
schedule device changes during periods of low network activity, like weekend
nights, and not feel compelled to be in the office. If there are devices with
issues resulting from the new config, they will automatically roll-back and
resume functioning. The admin can address only the problem devices Monday
morning instead of pushing each change individually.
The Uplogix Control Center makes it possible to schedule
multiple configuration changes, allowing an administrator to scale an automated
process. An upgrade job can be scheduled for one device, or thousands which can
result in considerable savings. Instead of 10-30 minutes for each device across
the entire enterprise, in just a few minutes one person could schedule upgrades
for the whole network. Granular user access and logging ensures clear control
and documentation of the actions. With the time burden of upgrading removed, it’s
easier to ensure that all devices are current, which is important for

For more information, please see a demo
of the Uplogix SurgicalRollback feature



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