Kick the tires, feel the horsepower

A frequent question we get at Uplogix is “is your product a console server?” Answer – absolutely, we’re the best console server on the market—the most reliable and secure out-of-band access solution. Add in our Local Management Software, when you need access, you’ll get it. Whatever you want out of a console server you’ll get from Uplogix.

However, that’s where console servers stop and we’re just getting started. Uplogix Local Managers (LMs) have a wide array of communications, secure access and automation capabilities not found in traditional console or terminal servers. The difference is that console servers are built for remote access, while Uplogix LMs are designed for Local Management.

Console servers are generally weak computing platforms, while an LM is built with intelligence and horsepower:

  • CPU
    Console: Slow CPUs, generally older, single core in the 130-160 MHz range
    Uplogix: A 600 MHz to 1.3 GHz Intel Atom powers local monitoring, evaluation and execution of automation routines
  • Memory
    Console: Typically in the 256 MB range or less
    Uplogix: 1 GB
  • Storage
    Console: Typically it’s under 1 GB with some models offering up to 16 GB
    Uplogix: Our Local Managers have 40 GB solid state drives with wear-balanced storage intended to support frequent writes. Imagine the value of easy access to a dozen configuration files for each managed device, including local storage of Candidate, Current and Previous version. 
Today we’re just talking a bit about what’s under the hood, we’re not even getting into the real power, which is the Local Management Software. The physical specs say it all — console servers lack the horsepower to support anything other than remote access. For monitoring and storage of diagnostic data, storage and execution of automation routines and rules engines, to cache configurations and apply/fail-safe configuration changes and upgrades with differencing… this is what Uplogix Local Managers are designed for. 
For true local management of critical infrastructure, communications and M2M environments, that takes real horsepower. If you are in Orlando June 24-27, come by the Uplogix booth #553 at Cisco Live. Kick the tires of a Local Manager and try out your racing skills on our very own test track – right in the booth. 



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