Satellites, networking and really big boats

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The view this week at the Monaco Yacht Show. Uplogix might have “cut its teeth” in maritime VSAT in the energy industry with deployments on drilling platforms from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico to the Niger River delta and on the support vessels servicing them, but the value we bring to the [...]

Best practices for connecting to machine-to-machine applications

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Many M2M monitoring applications run in remote locations on low power, increasingly with a satellite or cellular communications link. An increasing number of IT applications are missing one key component: the user. From monitoring product distribution in the energy industry to autonomous machines that humans interact with daily like cash machines to healthcare devices that [...]

Why Cisco Live is so much fun for Uplogix

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Cisco CEO John Chambers visits the Uplogix Launch Your Network booth at Cisco Live. (Or at least visits near our booth...) Exhibiting in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live and talking with the network engineers, admins, CCNAs and CCIEs attending the show is totally within the Uplogix wheelhouse. They just get what we do. [...]

Local Management: Imperative for the Cloud

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Here is a peek at the new white paper from Uplogix: Meeting the Network Requirements of Cloud and Virtual Computing with Local Management. Don't let the catchy title fool you -- this paper could be the plot of a movie. There is the introduction of characters, introduction of the conflict, rising action, heroes, villains... but [...]

Ensure good configuration health before it’s too late

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Don't let this be your configuration! Hackers broke into a server for the State of Utah Health Department recently in what has been described as a "configuration error" or an "installed password that wasn't as secure as needed." The breach resulted in over 182,000 Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program members having their personal information [...]

Persistence, survivability key requirements for arctic network

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What qualifies a site as "remote" to you? Researchers at DARPA (the US military's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) recently announced that they want to create a massive system of unmanned sensors and systems to monitor and track the even the most remote regions of the Arctic. With retreating ice expected over the coming decades, [...]

Looking at the Uplogix Control Center

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Local Management is defined as managing network devices directly -- not over the network they utilize or provide. To tie together multiple sites and numerous Uplogix Local Manager devices, there is the Uplogix Control Center. The Control Center deploys in the NOC to provide real-time monitoring and management capabilities as an element manager for Uplogix [...]

Is your network infrastructure ready for a cloudy forecast?

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At Cisco Live in Las Vegas this year, you couldn't look in any direction without seeing or hearing about the Cloud. Granted some of the cloudiness above was coming from the Uplogix Be a Rock Star stage, but it seemed like most of the vendors in the World of Solutions had their heads in the [...]