Death, taxes and downtime — pick two?

There are lots of stats on downtime – one we use around Uplogix is that 60% of network downtime is caused by human error during device configuration. Maybe it’s from a “fat-finger” mistake, or it could be what was thought to be a simple change actually impacted the device in unexpected ways. Many in IT think of downtime as something as inevitable as death and taxes.

The average business isn’t about to afford accounting for ALL sources of downtime with multiple redundancies at every point of failure, but with Uplogix, they can go a long way toward removing the human error from causing significant downtime.

Recovering from configuration errors automatically

Rolling back to previous configurations

With Uplogix, you can reduce unplanned downtime by providing a built-in safety net with the SurgicalRollback™ feature. It allows you to quickly recover and minimize the impact of failed configuration changes. 

Surgical Rollback™ combines fine grained configuration differencing with a unique “production confirmation” based approach to changes. Any change made is followed by a prompt for confirmation by the technician initiating the change. If no confirmation is received (e.g. if the change brought down the network and the technician’s access with it), the change is precisely and automatically rolled back. 
Secure out-of-band remote access also provides for corrective action even if the network is unavailable for other reasons or if this method is preferred.
See how Uplogix helps with configuration issues.
Narrated by James Dollar, Uplogix founder and CTO.

Duplicating config changes across the network

Many companies run similar gear at their sites, but maintaining even the same gear can be difficult because getting around to applying changes to each and every site can be complicated by varying maintenance windows, downtime tolerances… Standardization is tough.

With the Uplogix Control Center, you can reliably make enterprise-wide configuration changes with a few clicks using a simple, web-based interface. Common change management tasks, such as distributing patches or password resets, can be scheduled and consistently executed across the entire distributed infrastructure. 
You can push changes with confidence thanks to SurgicalRollback — if the device doesn’t come back up with the new config, we’ll roll it back and keep things up and running.

Like filing your taxes, the documentation is important

Uplogix Local Managers can integrate with your existing enterprise management systems. Uplogix allows for the full realization of the potential of your NCCM systems by providing local control and automation capabilities, regardless of network availability so that they can be used with confidence to execute changes.

We’ll backfill your lost date during a downtime event so that you can see exactly what device is have a problem as well as what Uplogix is doing to solve the issues.

Some things are just unavoidable

We can’t help you directly with death or taxes, but Uplogix can possibly save you stress (postpone the inevitable) and improve efficiency (possibly feeding a better bonus check) when it comes to downtime. Nothing personal, but people cause most of the configuration problems out there. It’s time to apply some Local Management to the situation. And, if you haven’t done it yet — get your taxes to the post office! 
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