Local Management Becomes a Texas Export

This week we announced that manufacturing of the Uplogix Local Manager devices has moved to Creation Technologies in northeast Dallas. With the our headquarters in Austin, the move makes the Lone Star State the home of Local Management.

Austin is home for all design, engineering and administrative functions, and our sales operations are worldwide. Uplogix is now on the fourth generation of the Local Management hardware. Previous manufacturing was at various locations around the world and United States before the movie to Texas. 

Creation Technologies is a highly regarded contract manufacturer.

Alex Vaughn, director of manufacturing for Uplogix said, “They are one of the top electronic manufacturing services companies in the world, and the fact that we are in the same time zone and state as their Dallas business unit is just more upside for both companies.”

Creation Technologies works with a diversified group of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from across North America and worldwide. They focus on delivering creative and tailored solutions that build strong relationships with their customers.

The Made in Texas Uplogix hardware is available in two form factors: the Uplogix 5000 which features expansion bays that accommodate management of 6 to 22 devices; and the Uplogix 500, is a full-featured, compact device that manages up to six devices. Both feature an option slot for a variety of modem types for out-of-band access, and are built for reliability with no moving parts, power efficiency and low temperature emissions.

The Uplogix 500 Local Manager (top) and
the Uplogix 5000 Local Manager.

In addition to the Uplogix hardware, the Local Management Platform can be delivered as a virtual machine running on a Cisco SRE blade in a Cisco Integrated Services Router, or as a custom solution that utilizes a virtual version of the Local Management Software running on a server connected to a console server.

For more information on Uplogix
Local Managers, please visit Uplogix.com/products.



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