Taking Network Management Local to Enable REAL Automation

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Despite decades of advancements in network speed, reach and security, the management of network devices is still a hands-on task. It involves reactive and often tedious actions open to human error. Traditional Network Management tools rely on the network itself to manage critical devices. This dependence on the network to manage the network is a [...]

Will Google drive your car before you automate network management?

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The reason people don't trust network automation is that it relies on the network itself to manage the network. Like the sensors atop a driverless car with the processing and brains in the trunk, Uplogix deploys in the rack with network infrastructure for network-independent monitoring and management, and tighter security. For years, the answer to [...]

Three ways that network management is like a horror movie

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Network management is kind of like a horror movie. Go with me on this -- in a horror movie only a few hearty and clever survivors get to the see the sunrise, or the sequel. Network management has many hands-on components that tend to weed out those not able to remember an obscure command to [...]

Soccer bigger network drain than Olympics or March Madness

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A survey conducted during the Group Stage of this year's soccer World Cup of over 200 IT admins and network managers in the United States showed the impact of "the beautiful game" on US business networks. Seventy-percent of those surveyed said that employees streaming games in the office in the office was having an adverse [...]

Config changes: damned if you do, damned if you don’t

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Cisco alone averages more than one “significant” security advisory a week that requires an upgrade or configuration change. The Digital Energy Journal says the lack of security patch upgrades are the biggest threat to energy infrastructure. Yet Gartner says that over 40% of all network outages are due to human error – mostly from configuration [...]

Part 2 – Getting ready for the Internet of Things

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Whatever number of billions of devices you are comfortable with predicting for the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next 5-10 years, no one seems to be arguing that there is not a massive growth of IP-enabled devices already underway. And this expansion of end nodes means more work for network infrastructure, whether it's aggregation [...]

Getting ready for the Internet of Things – Part 1

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Whether you call it the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Everything, or just the next logical steps in networking, it's clear that if you aren't ready for it, the coming onslaught of IP-enabled devices is going to break your network. Maybe it will be the number of end nodes or the amount of [...]

Network management automation is no April Fool’s joke

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AUSTIN, TEXAS (April 1, 2014) - Uplogix today announced network management automation that can be implemented with confidence. Designed to work as an onsite Level 1 technician-in-a-box, the Uplogix Local Management Platform automates the routine tasks that eat up the bulk of IT's time and effort when it comes to maintaining network infrastructure. And we're [...]

Detailed monitoring feeding intelligent, automated actions

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The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Traditional network management has a lot in common with Chicken Little. SNMP polling lends itself to snap decisions or delayed information, and relying on the network path for sending traps can fail at the times when you need it the most. See this post as a presentation [...]

How-To: Maintain visibility and accountability in outsourced IT

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The combination of a competitive managed services market and increasingly complicated enterprise network expectations have lead many companies to outsource their network management. Benefits that include lower cost of ownership, outside expertise and fewer inside demands must be balanced with less direct control and visibility. Or does it? A common complaint is that when problems [...]