Soccer bigger network drain than Olympics or March Madness

A survey conducted during the Group Stage of this year’s soccer World Cup of over 200 IT admins and network managers in the United States showed the impact of “the beautiful game” on US business networks.

Seventy-percent of those surveyed said that employees streaming games in the office in the office was having an adverse effect on network performance and/or business operations. Of the only 52-percent that admitted to having a proactive plan in place to deal with the spike in bandwidth, the most common steps taken were:

  • 71% | Set threshold alarms
  • 59% | Monitor top applications
  • 56% | Blocked certain websites
  • 44% | Monitor bandwidth by user or device
  • 32% | Encourage employees to use one central location/device for streaming, such as a conference room
Why were so many caught without a plan for the World Cup network demands? Probably because only 45% of the surveyed IT professionals admitted to personally following the games. Next time they’ll be following – maybe still not watching in front of the screen, but from their network dashboard.
Uplogix has service level verification functionality that could help your World Cup viewership in your office. Since Local Managers sit in the same physical location as your other network gear, Uplogix can generate synthetic calls and transactions between other Local Managers on your network. This generates a wealth of actionable data that can feed automated actions based on your run book. 
For more, check out this Uplogix Tech Tip on Service Level Verification:



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