Will Google drive your car before you automate network management?

The reason people don’t trust network automation is that it relies on the network itself to manage the network. Like the sensors atop a driverless car with the processing and brains in the trunk, Uplogix deploys in the rack with network infrastructure for network-independent monitoring and management, and tighter security.

For years, the answer to troubleshooting a problem with a network device was for an administrator to break out a laptop or roll up a crash cart and connect directly over the console port. This removes any networking issues from the situation and allows the admin to work directly on the device. Would anybody by a car that was driven autonomously from the Cloud? Not likely—on the first dropped signal you might end up in a ditch. You want that data gathering and decision making local.

The challenge for implementing real automation using traditional network management tools is that since they are dependent on the network for polling devices and pushing commands, any disruption to the network could result in downtime. So, as time has gone on, centralized tools have grown really good at what they do, and left the rest to people.

This means that skilled IT personnel spend far too much time performing mundane, tedious and error-prone tasks. Gartner has stated for years that upwards of 80% of network outages is due to human and process errors. Just removing people from a fraction of these tasks has massive implications for improved SLAs and freeing up IT time. These cycles could be used for innovation and delivering on the expanding expectations for the networks of today and tomorrow.

Using console connections and onboard intelligence, Uplogix automates several key areas of network management including:

  • Automated Recovery | Based on high-resolution monitoring data, Local Managers can take automated responses to device issues, saving time and service calls.
  • Mass OS Updates | Schedule once to update all similar devices on your network with the confidence of SurgicalRollback—letting you manage by exception, rather than touching each device one at a time.
  • Integrated Out-of-Band | Using the most cost-effective source available at the location, Uplogix automatically creates an alternate pathway for technicians to access gear as if they were onsite.
In most industries, automation is the norm. To find out more about how Uplogix is bringing reliable automation to network management, download the Network Automation Solution Brief.



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