Part 2 – Getting ready for the Internet of Things

Whatever number of billions of devices you are comfortable with predicting for the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next 5-10 years, no one seems to be arguing that there is not a massive growth of IP-enabled devices already underway. And this expansion of end nodes means more work for network infrastructure, whether it’s aggregation sites or the networks that are going to be moving massive amounts of data.

One key piece of realizing the vision of the IoT is finding ways to scale up the management of the network infrastructure to keep from totally drowning IT groups. Traditional network management relies on the network for moving SNMP traps to have an idea of what’s going on and notifying IT. It won’t scale — what’s needed is network management automation where the tools monitor continuously and can respond as needed, saving IT from the time and effort required for even minor issues.

The two key areas impacted by Uplogix Local Management are secure administration of devices, which we addressed in the first part of this series and scaling network infrastructure management, which we are talking about today.

Finding and fixing IT problems remains a time-consuming, labor-intensive and expensive process. Existing management tools are good at monitoring devices and identifying problems, but lack the intelligence and local control to actively fix problems when they occur, forcing IT staff to perform routine administration and recovery tasks.

Uplogix lowers the cost and complexity of management by diagnosing and automatically fixing common problems throughout network infrastructure. In fact, Uplogix local management can address and resolve the bulk of issues that commonly impact distributed networks such as configuration errors, nonresponsive devices and telecom hardware failures. This is how you scale network infrastructure management to support billions of nodes.

Administrators are more efficient using Uplogix features like the ability to push mass config changes and upgrades without the risk that changes could result in network outages. Out-of-band automated SurgicalRollback™ restores valid configurations instantly and automatically, allowing admins to focus on exceptions, rather than every site.

Get the whole story in the Uplogix Solution Brief, Preparing your network infrastructure for the Internet of Things.



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