Local Management: Imperative for the Cloud

Here is a peek at the new white paper from Uplogix: Meeting the Network Requirements of Cloud and Virtual Computing with Local Management. Don’t let the catchy title fool you — this paper could be the plot of a movie.

There is the introduction of characters, introduction of the conflict, rising action, heroes, villains… but this story isn’t yet complete. The script is still being written as Cloud adoption continues to rise, and as more and more physical systems are virtualized in datacenters around the world. You can almost hear the previews: 

[To be read in the voice of that movie preview guy. You know the one.]

Imagine a world, poised to reap the benefits of a great new technology. The Cloud and related virtual computing breakthroughs promise to deliver new levels of service, savings and simplicity to corporations everywhere.
But a storm is brewing in the Cloud. It’s bringing new customer expectations, new requirements for service levels, and business as usual in IT isn’t going to be able to meet demands. And it just might bring down the whole network.  


Very dramatic, but all you have to do is read this white paper to see how IT is really going to need some new weapons, like Local Management, to deal with the good and the bad of cloud and virtual computing.

Here is the synopsis of the paper, along with some of the key sections to give you an idea of what is covered.

SYNOPSIS | The widespread adoption of virtualized computing (the enabling technology in “Clouds”) and the various ways that enterprises will change to fully exploit it will have a profound effect on the network and on IT Network Operations Groups.

Customer expectations are changing. New requirements are emerging, service levels are becoming more stringent and some time-tested strategies for managing costs and ensuring adequate service levels are being invalidated. Trying to use the same old network and network management strategies and tools will cause virtualization and cloud initiatives to fail or to incur runaway costs.

Implementing Local Management will be necessary to meet customer expectations for virtual and cloud computing.

Key Sections:

  • Climate Change in Virtualization
  • Network Operations Impacts
  • Changing Business Expectations
  • Centralization of Applications
  • The Impact of Rapidly Multiplying Virtual Switches
  • Local Management for Cost Control and Limiting Cloud Chaos

Get your copy of the white paper today and see what you are up against in the inevitable push to The Cloud. Every cloud has a silver lining, but the only way you are going to make it to the sequel, is to be ready with Local Management. 



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