Why Cisco Live is so much fun for Uplogix

Cisco CEO John Chambers visits the
Uplogix Launch Your Network booth
at Cisco Live. (Or at least visits
near our booth…)

Exhibiting in the World of Solutions at Cisco Live and talking with the network engineers, admins, CCNAs and CCIEs attending the show is totally within the Uplogix wheelhouse. They just get what we do. Sometimes it might take a minute of explanation, but they all come around to see that Uplogix is solving the issues they face on a daily basis.

Most of the conversations at our booth on the show floor go kind of like this:

[Attendee looking curiously at our demo gear, or maybe eying one of the slingshot astronaut toys we’re giving away]

Uplogix: Hi, are you trying to figure out what Uplogix does?

Attendee: Yes I am. (No offense taken here – we’re not one of the Big Names at the show, that’s alright.)

Uplogix: We do network management automation from a local perspective – we deploy in the rack with the gear you care about and manage over the console port instead of using SNMP to poll from the NOC — because that’s using the network to manage the network, which seems kind of silly when you think about it.

Attendee: So you are managing out-of-band?

Uplogix: You’ve got it. Plus when you combine strong access control and intelligence & storage placed locally to managed gear, you can do some really cool stuff when it comes to configuration management (like automatic rollbacks of failed changes) and mass upgrades (through our Uplogix Control Center).

Attendee: Hmm. [Soaking all of this in.]

What we were giving away
at our booth.

Uplogix: And that’s just the start of it. Since we’re local, we can monitor intensively without putting all that traffic on the network. We’ll know within 30 seconds of a problem and start down an abbreviated timeline of recovery, usually solving a problem before you even knew it existed with traditional network management.

Say we can’t solve the problem and the network connection is down, the Local Manager will automatically spin up an out-of-band connection over just about anything short of smoke signals — a POTS line, cell modem, a secondary network, even an Iridium modem if you are in the middle of nowhere.

Attendee: So you guys take the place of a console server, but do more than just get me access. Your product monitors anything with a console port, and does real work. This is pretty cool.

Uplogix: Now you’ve got it. Want me to scan your badge for some more information?

Attendee: Sure thing. Let me get my buddy over here and see a demo.



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