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Local Management is defined as managing network devices directly — not over the network they utilize or provide. To tie together multiple sites and numerous Uplogix Local Manager devices, there is the Uplogix Control Center. The Control Center deploys in the NOC to provide real-time monitoring and management capabilities as an element manager for Uplogix Local Managers. The Control Center also serves as the gateway between the Local Managers deployed across the network and other IT management systems.

Centralized Control for Distributed Management
With its web-based graphical user interface (GUI), Control Center puts IT administrators in control of real-time data to easily manage, configure, and control all network devices and servers connected to Uplogix Local Managers. Groups can be created for device and user management by similar sites (i.e. branch offices), localities (i.e. west coast) and devices (i.e. firewalls).

Watch a five-minute overview of the Uplogix Control Center.

The Control Center provides a consistent, enterprise-wide point of control for configuring administrative policies for and scheduling all maintenance, management, configuration, and recovery tasks performed by Uplogix Local Managers. Simple point-and-click interface for executing enterprise-wide management tasks, such as distributing patches, resetting passwords or performing configuration changes.

The Uplogix Control Center’s web interface

For example, you could set up a change to a particular device type once, and push it out to all of those devices in your network. And while you are at it — set up the change to happen at 2 a.m. local time in a follow-the-moon type scenario. With the Local Manager’s Surgical Rollback function, any devices that respond negatively to the change will roll-back to the previous configuration.

Local Management is complimentary to existing network management platforms, with the Control Center providing the important role of integrating with centralized systems and network management consoles. It serves as a point of integration with other management systems and solutions. Alarms and events appear as if they came from the managed device itself, even if the network is down and the Local Manager is forwarding the message over an out-of-band connection.

Enhanced Reporting with Local Management
The Control Center includes robust and customizable reporting of event, alarm and device statistics, network service level measurements and the operational status of Local Managers across the enterprise.

The simple web interface allows users to customize automated actions for configuration management and recovery by archiving and storing configuration files for all managed devices. It can quickly restore good working configuration files to a managed device via the Local Manager. The Control Center also archives all session logs from Local Managers and the Control Center for auditing and compliance purposes.

Finally, the Control Center serves as a central proxy for seamless in-band or out-of-band communication with Local Managers.

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