Single-vendor networks vs. multi-vendor, no problem

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"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." This well-known line most likely did not refer to the networks that today's IT shops have to deal with, but it's not far off when it comes to network management. As everyone struggles to find the right combination of spending, manpower and [...]

Celebrating 2011: Looking back, looking ahead

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As 2011 closes, the long drought in Uplogix' hometown of Austin, TX has subsided enough to lower the burn ban, enabling us to celebrate with this photo!  It's hard not to look back at the end of a year, and for Uplogix, 2011 has been an eventful year. Some say that time in small companies [...]

Get ready for the ride: Tech needs for 2012

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A recent article by the Cisco Innovators Program likened managing a network today to being on a wild ride. With administrators strapped in and riding through: " A steep climb in Internet traffic and network access from smartphones and tablets Increased traction in cloud services and virtualization The growing popularity of IP voice and video [...]

Culture as important as technology for avoiding network downtime?

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In a recent Network World article, Cisco's Denise Fishurne cautions recent attendees of Cisco Live returning to their workplace with aspirations of applying new knowledge for high availability and fast convergence to start off with a little introspection first.She asserts that preparing your network for recovery once there is a failure is about more than [...]

New Uplogix software version runs as VM and more

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The next rev of the Uplogix Local Management Software, v4.4, is available. It runs as a VM on the Cisco UCS Express platform and includes features for dedicated networks plus new and expanded advanced device drivers. The initial application of the newly virtualized Uplogix software is available on the Cisco UCS Express platform running in [...]

Getting the Big Picture for Cisco ISR Routers

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If you enjoy a good eye chart, then Cisco's recent publication of the Enterprise Routing Portfolio for Borderless Networks is for you. The 44"x34" poster is available in PDF format -- or if you are buddies with your local Cisco reseller, in print, to wallpaper your office. We hear Cisco printed up 10,000 copies. Of [...]

Is your network infrastructure ready for a cloudy forecast?

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At Cisco Live in Las Vegas this year, you couldn't look in any direction without seeing or hearing about the Cloud. Granted some of the cloudiness above was coming from the Uplogix Be a Rock Star stage, but it seemed like most of the vendors in the World of Solutions had their heads in the [...]

Local Management now running on a Cisco ISR near you

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Last week at Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas, Uplogix announced the availability of our Local Management Software (LMS) running as a VM on the Cisco UCS Express blades. This expands the hardware options available for deploying Uplogix as well as increasing the number of ports managed by one local management device up to 48.Installed [...]

Cisco’s Chambers on “good enough networking”

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In a recent article for Network World, Cisco CEO John Chambers gave the networking industry a brief look back and asked a few questions about our vision of the network going forward.He asks if the network will be robust-enough to accommodate the forecast that 91% of global internet traffic will be internet video by 2013, [...]

Taking remote config changes to the extreme

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Cisco announced this week that they conducted the first-ever software upgrade of an IP router in space. The Internet Router in Space (IRIS) program involves the Cisco 18400 Space Router -- hardened for radiation and launched on-board the Intelsat 14, a geostationary communications satellite. The router runs Cisco IOS and is testing the idea of [...]