Local Management now running on a Cisco ISR near you

Last week at Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas, Uplogix announced the availability of our Local Management Software (LMS) running as a VM on the Cisco UCS Express blades. This expands the hardware options available for deploying Uplogix as well as increasing the number of ports managed by one local management device up to 48.

Installed in a 2900 or 3900 Cisco Integrated Services Router (ISR), the UCS Express module provides the storage and processing needed for the Uplogix LMS. Connectivity to managed devices is through up to three HWIC serial port adapters which are available in both eight-port and 16-port versions. Out-of-band connectivity is possible through an HWIC wireless modem.

Uplogix Local Management Platform on Cisco UCS Express provides
an array of localized management services that augment centralized management

The Cisco-based platform offers the same functionality for robust monitoring, network management automation and security as the existing Uplogix hardware platforms (the 3200 and 430), but also can still exist as a traditional router while supporting Uplogix on the UCS Express.

So, if you are a Cisco-only shop or have already deployed (or plan to deploy) Cisco ISRs in your network infrastructure, the UCS Express option running Uplogix Local Management might be the right answer for you. Take a look at the Cisco Data Sheet or contact Uplogix today to find out more.



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