Getting the Big Picture for Cisco ISR Routers

If you enjoy a good eye chart, then Cisco’s recent publication of the Enterprise Routing Portfolio for Borderless Networks is for you. The 44″x34″ poster is available in PDF format — or if you are buddies with your local Cisco reseller, in print, to wallpaper your office. We hear Cisco printed up 10,000 copies.

Of course what we’re excited about is that Uplogix made the poster in the Third-party Applications section under Local Device Management. The chart shows that Uplogix is compatible with 2911 ISR models and up with an UCS Express blade.

One of the exciting things about Uplogix on the UCS Express platform is that if you already have a compatible ISR and UCS blade, you’re almost ready to start managing your network infrastructure locally. Add some HWIC cards for the serial devices connections, install the Uplogix Local Management Software as a VM, and you’re in business.

Check out more about Uplogix on UCS Express in the Cisco data sheet on Local Management.



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