Uplogix partner releases State of the Network report

Network Instruments recently issued their annual State of the Network report predicting a number of network challenges due to increasing use of video and Cloud technologies.

With no shortage of work for IT at most companies, the next year should be busy. The highlights from the study include the following challenges for IT staffs:

  • Moving apps to the cloud: 60% anticipate half of their apps will run in the cloud within 12 months
  • Video is mainstream: 70% will implement video conferencing within a year
  • Bandwidth demand driven by video: 25% expect video will consume half of all bandwidth in 12 months
  • Chief application challenge: 83% were most challenged by identifying the problem source
  • Increased bandwidth demands: 33% expect bandwidth consumption to increase by more than 50% in next two years.
Skip the details and see the report highlights in the infographic.

Critical CloudThe study showed the number of companies embracing cloud remaining steady at 60%, but the number of implementations at those companies increasing. Overall, respondents expected one-third of their applications to be running in the cloud in the next year, and of those already using cloud, that number was half of their applications.

The major concern was data security, with twice as many companies listing that as their biggest fear in the Cloud.

Video is finally mainstreamOver half of the respondents have implemented video conferencing at some level with that number expected to hit 70% within the year. Implementations are fairly distributed with nearly two-thirds with multiple deployments including conference rooms (75%), desktop PCs (63%) and telepresence (30%).

These hungry deployments are expected by one-in-four respondents to top half of their bandwidth consumption by 2013. Bandwidth that is also going to be critical for delivering high quality I/O for the growing number of business-critical applications hosted in the Cloud.

The network is more important than ever
With this perfect storm of increasing network performance and bandwidth requirements facing IT shops around the world, it’s clear the answers are going to come from multiple sources. Application and performance monitoring products like Network Instruments to find problem areas is one side of the solution, and proactive tools to save the precious time of IT staff like Local Management that can address network problems at the infrastructure level as soon as, or maybe even before they become an issue.

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