No easy path, Part Two: Federal IT Modernization

Federal IT Modernization

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IT modernization is a challenge in all organizations, but federal government CIOs might have it a little tougher than their enterprise counterparts. A new study on IT investment sheds light on how agencies are approaching federal IT modernization.

The FedScoop/IBM study’s main takeaway was that agencies are getting out of the onsite, fed-run data center business and looking to allocate more resources to a combination of clouds: exclusive government-only community clouds, hybrid clouds, and commercial clouds.

The shift toward cloud also has implications for other technologies that appear to be releated to which type of cloud that an agency is committing to. For example, the study shows that agencies that invest in government community clouds and hybrid approaches (vs. onsite fed-run data centers) are more likely to also pursue artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Agencies investing more heavily in hybrid approaches tend to also be more advanced when it comes to developing and deploying virtualized software containers, an important skill for speeding application development and general federal IT modernization.

The study likely shows that as in the enterprise IT world, federal IT has its early adopters and those that lag behind the technology curve. Twice as many agencies (38%) are still investing predominately in their own data centers as the 20 percent of agencies that are focusing on government-only community clouds. Sixteen percent are focused on hybrid strategies, and just seven percent are putting most of their money on commercial clouds.

In the near future, the two largest approaches are expected to reverse; with 26% in government community clouds and 19% focused on government-run data centers.

Uplogix in Federal IT

Uplogix has a long history of deployments in both civilian and military networks. Uplogix solutions deliver the local access and control of a console server, the in-depth monitoring and diagnostics of systems management software, and the intelligence of an on-site technician into a single, integrated platform. The result is the secure out-of-band management required to operate today’s complex and distributed federal infrastructures.

Closing Fedspeak:

  • Uplogix is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified
  • Uplogix is available via the following contracting vehicles: SEWP, EIS, Networx, and the GSA IT Schedule 70
  • Uplogix is created, coded and constructed in Austin, Texas USA

To find out more, visit our Uplogix for Federal Networks page.




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