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June 2013 | Raising the Stakes in Network Management
“Many network management vendors are focused on automation advances. Austin-based Uplogix has a product suite that automatically detects, diagnoses and resolves network-related faults at customers’ remote locations while ensuring connectivity with isolated locations.”

November 2012 | Network Management Solutions: Strive to Create the New “Office of the Future”
“Network management and monitoring solutions providers often talk about satellite being the most extreme networks to work with because they are both mobile in space and located in places on the ground where deploying fiber or traditional land-based connectivity is next to impossible. Dollar thinks of satellite network management issues as an extension of problems that you have inside a metropolitan area. “The remote nature of some of these enterprise satellite networks just means that it takes longer to get those critical systems up and running,” he says.”

July 2011 | Uplogix certified for Cisco UCS Express blades
“IT organizations using Cisco Systems Inc.’s UCS Express blade servers now have the ability to use local network management tools from Uplogix Inc. ‘It allows us to capture a market segment that is really looking at optimizing the amount of equipment they have,’ said Lisa Frankovitch, Uplogix’s vice-president of corporate and business development.”

November 2010 | Viewing a Network: Tools for Keeping Tabs from Afar
” The technological innovation in monitoring tools is affecting dramatically the concept of remote management, including remote access to terminals. In the past, if a connection to a remote site was lost, there were a few options — contact someone at the remote location and try to walk them through troubleshooting over the phone or send out a repair engineer. In the case of satellite communications, the latter generally was an expensive proposition, because satellite likely will be used in remote locations. Remote management is replacing this.”

August 2010 | Stop using the network to manage the network (Russian translation in PDF)
“There is no slowing down the increasing need for connectivity at remote sites in the energy industry. IP networks are moving information from SCADA data controlling pipelines, delivering drilling telemetry over satellite links from platforms at sea, and then there is the anticipated massive flow of data from the Smart Grid. To be successful, this exponential increase of networking devices in the field can’t require a similar increase of administrators to manage the network.”

February 2010 | Teleport Operations: New Technologies Help Cut Costs“The automation of network management tools is reducing the amount of time needed to diagnose and fix problems, and even identify problems which are likely to occur in the future.”

December 2009 | Must Win Markets For Maritime VSAT Vendors
“IT managers desire a solution that includes bandwidth, hardware, bandwidth management software and any other value added service, all managed through one point of contact. The ultimate nightmare for shipping IT management is to be bounced between software and hardware providers with each leveling responsibility for a system failure on the other.”

November 2009 | Executive Spotlight: Patrick Shay, Iridium
“One of the most interesting applications is one that has been developed by our partner Uplogix. It uses the Iridium RUDICS service for an automatic out-of-band connection to the satellite and network infrastructure equipment at remote VSAT sites around the world. It provides console-level access for fault management and recovery, configuration management and maintenance activities…”

November 2009 | Empowering Martitime Service Providers
“iDirect, Sea Tel, Uplogix and Parallel have created an integrated network architecture to help maritime VSAT service providers meet growing customer demand”

October 2009 | Securing Your Satellite Network and its Contents
“Prior to the Internet, securing a satellite network and its content from real-time invasion was relatively easy, however, the interconnection of satellite-based networks with the World Wide Web has opened a Pandora’s Box of problems.”
August 2009 | iDirect and Uplogix in satcom remote management deal
“Prior to the Internet, securing a satellite network and its content from real-time invasion was relatively easy, however, the interconnection of satellite-based networks with the World Wide Web has opened a Pandora’s Box of problems.”

August 2009 | Remote Management Leads to Greater Uptime

“SatManage takes Uplogix data feeds to highlight abnormal events on the network as well as allow at-aglance analysis of network performance. This can show problems developing over time and even highlight wasted bandwidth and resources. Because problems can be spotted in advance, pre-emptive action can be taken on-site by Uplogix to eliminate negative impact on the business.”

April 2009 | Watch the video

Mark Piening, Uplogix Vice-President for Marketing and Product Management is interviewed by Erik Linask, Group Managing Editor, TMC at Interop 2009 on automation in network management.

April 2009 | Making Satellite Networks Stronger
“Hazards of working in the isolated locations of oil, gas and mining are easy to understand. The most obvious hurdle to quick IT “truck rolls” for network repair is just getting to these locations. Frequently, it’s not even a truck. For offshore rigs, helicopters are the most prevalent mode of transportation, as well as ships for equipment and supplies. Even in locations connected by roads, facilities are separated by great distances, ensuring that downtime is prolonged.”

April 2009 | Monitoring Your VSAT
“A large amount of equipment is involved in VSAT communications—these hybrid networks contain both satellite devices like antennas, amplifiers, and modems, as well as traditional terrestrial IP network devices like servers, routers, and switches. A problem with any individual piece of equipment can cause the communications link to go down.”

January 2009 | Divide and conquer
“This past election season might have been all about change, but for information technology managers, change poses multiple challenges. Configuration changes to servers, routers, desktop computers and other devices could lead to network crashes or, even worse, security breaches. Dedicated management tools provide a much more secure connection between a home office and outlying bureaus.”

December 2008 | Setting the standard“When Highcross shopping centre opened in Leicester during early September, it set a new benchmark for the sophistication of the technology contained within its infrastructure. Many of the key applications for operating the centre are run from an integrated IP-based network.”

November 2008 | Secure Out-of-Band Access for Distributed Satellite Networks
“Implementing Automated Remote Management has allowed IT staff to automate network fault diagnosis and recovery, as well as perform routine network maintenance.”

November 2008 | New ARM channel in South Africa“Power outages are a constant threat to all networks across the African continent and a new distribution channel for Uplogix Automated Remote Management (ARM) systems has been opened with the appointment Johannesburg-based Navix Distribution.”

October 2008 | Maritime Market: Signs Point to Strong Growth for Satellite Providers
“The increasing use of automation makes a ship’s information technology infrastructure and network connectivity extremely important. Advanced out-of-band network management systems such as the system made by Uplogix allow a shipping line to manage a ship’s entire infrastructure while it is at sea, even if the main VSAT link is down. ”

October 2008 | Data Center Power Players“Managing remote sites effectively is a lofty idea that doesn’t always work out as planned. When devices can’t be recovered remotely and need to be physically powered off and on, data center managers are often forced to dispatch technicians to the remote location. It’s expensive and time-consuming.”

September 2008 | Uplogix named one of 12 technologies midmarket companies need now“CRN set out to identify the 12 must-have technologies that solution providers should be putting in front of their midmarket customers as well as some of the key vendors that will help them get there.”

September 2008 | Uplogix 430 ARM appliance named a “midmarket products we love right now”“ChannelWeb uncovers must-have technologies for midmarket customers and looks at channel-ready products in each technology area from some of the industry’s key vendor players”

September 2008 | Locking the Back Door to Distributed Branch Office Networks (by guest author Bert Wilhelm, Uplogix director of product and technical marketing)
The security of branch office networks has been enhanced in the last decade through the adoption of technologies such as directory systems, AAA security policies, logging and encryption. More recently, financial services organizations have undertaken major projects to move access and tracking security to a more comprehensive and powerful model called Identity and Access Management (IAM). IAM aims to securely manage user identities and access rights across multiple business functions and applications.

July 2008 | Startup Uplogix Simplifies Remote Management 
Company profile: “If you have network gear in multiple locations but don’t have an IT pro at every site, Uplogix would like a word with you. The company sells appliances that let IT perform administration, maintenance, and recovery tasks on switches, routers, and other equipment from a central location using a single interface.”

June 2008 | Uplogix RMOS v3.5 introduced by Uplogix 
Uplogix, a provider of remote management solutions, announced the launch of the Uplogix Remote Management Operating System (Uplogix RMOS) v3.5 intelligent software platform, which powers the Uplogix 3200 and Uplogix 430 appliances to automate routine system maintenance, configuration, fault diagnosis and recovery operations of distributed network devices and servers.

June 2008 | Uplogix apps for remote management
The Uplogix RMOS v3.5 directs Uplogix ARM appliances to remotely automate hundreds of routine system maintenance, configuration, fault diagnosis and recovery operations. The RMOS v3.5 is the first software platform to integrate IT operations and security remote management functions.

June 2008 | Uplogix Eases Remote Management
Uplogix is looking to make it easier for businesses to run their remote operations. With enterprises becoming more distributed and mobile, the need for more automated and secure management of those environments is rapidly growing.

April 2008 | Locking the door behind you
First class IT security hasn’t become an absolute necessity for financial institutions because of criminal activity and external threats alone – the recent spate of customer data leaks shows how sensitive network data can leak out due to lax internal security and poor policy decisions such as the non-implementation of encryption on mobile devices

April 2008 | Uplogix Raises $10 Million
Uplogix Inc. said Wednesday that it has raised $10 million from investors to ramp up international expansion.

April 2008 | Management Appliance Maker Lands $10 Million
Remote management vendor Uplogix Tuesday announced it had secured an additional $10 million in venture capital in a third round of funding led by customer and now investor Citi.

April 2008 | Uplogix Raises $10 Million
Uplogix Inc. has secured $10 million from a large financial services company and other investors.

April 2008 | Uplogix Gains $10M For Network Management
Citigroup Inc. and other new, undisclosed strategic investors provided the funding. The round also included participation from existing investors Adams Capital Management and Fayez Sarofim & Co.

March 2008 | What ever happened to Network Management?
“Another area worth noting is the rise of network change and configuration management… Uplogix (with its unique mix of out-of-band, config and monitoring)…”

February 2008 | Reducing the Cost and Complexity of Managing Satellite-based Networks 
Next-generation remote management is dependent upon an appliance-based architecture that integrates three built-in intelligence and security functions.

January 2008 | Uplogix urges channel to offer SME services
Uplogix encourages channel players to get in on upcoming growth in SME managed services.

January 2008 | Automated network management alleviates staff shortages
David Jacobs reviews Uplogix’ remote management capabilities as an alternative to outsourcing when facing shortages of qualified network staff.

December 2007 | Automatic Becomes Standard
James Dollar, Uplogix VP and chief architect, on applying Uplogix solutions for remote management of networking and communications gear on drilling rigs.

November 2007 | Automated troubleshooting: Overhaul needed for managing the distributed enterprise
Robin Gareiss of Nemertes Research on improvements in remote office network management saying, “Uplogix has perhaps the most innovative products for managing branch offices.”

November 2007 | Uplogix execs use contacts to recruit talent
CEO Tom Goldman explains how tapping employees’ personal and professional networks for new hires is an effective practice for growing the company.

November 2007 | Network World’s IT Buyer’s Guides: Network Monitoring and Management

In-depth, online profile of Uplogix’ Automated Remote Management solutions.

November 2007 | Are you in control? An overview of intelligent remote management
Uplogix marketing director Bill Talbot discusses the need for fundamentally different intelligent remote management solutions amidst emerging challenges to network monitoring.

November 8, 2007 | Uplogix Envoy – remote management review
TechWorld examines the new release of Uplogix Envoy and EMS in deatil.

October 23, 2007 | Uplogix Revs Up with Next-Generation Automated Remote Management Technology 
Uplogix, a provider of next-generation Automated Remote Management solutions, announced that it has gained significant market share over the last 12 months with a 133 percent percent increase in customer adoption of its family of remote management solutions.

September 12, 2007 | 10 IT management companies still worth watching 
Uplogix’s Envoy and EMS network-management applications enable IT managers to reach devices even when the network is down. Such capabilities go a long way toward cutting costs when supporting remote offices by reducing the need to locate staff at every office.

April 2, 2007 | Austin’s Uplogix hires industry veteran as CEO
Austin-based Uplogix Inc. has hired tech industry veteran Tom Goldman as its new CEO, replacing Barry Cox, who becomes chief technology officer.

March 26, 2007 | Uplogix opens U.K. office
Uplogix Inc., a privately held provider of network management services, is expanding in Europe. The Austin-based company has opened an office in the U.K. that will serve local markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The company appointed Andy Harris as sales director for these areas.

October 4, 2006 | 10 management companies to watch
The company’s family of Envoy and EMS network management appliances enables out-of-band connectivity — meaning if the network goes down, the devices can still be reached — to support remote offices, and automates several processes for diagnostics and recovery, reducing the need to staff distributed locations.

September 20, 2006 | New Management Products Arrive at Interop
Easing the management load in the data center is the aim of Uplogix, which has begun shipping Envoy Network Resource Manager 3.0.

September 19, 2006 | Uplogix Bolsters Out-of-Band Management
Uplogix at Interop in New York Sept. 18 continued to build out its out-of-band management appliances to deliver more management functions and extend its management to servers and applications as well as network devices.

September 18, 2006 | Net management in Interop spotlight
Newcomer Uplogix plans to showcase its Envoy Network Resource Manager 3.0 appliance, which manages devices and systems and doesn’t depend on the network for connectivity.

September 18, 2006 | Uplogix upgrades product line
Austin’s Uplogix Inc. has revamped its system that monitors and fixes computer network equipment at remote sites.

May 26, 2006 | How Uplogix Works To Offload Costly Network Maintenance & Recovery
If your IT resources are constantly drained by network support issues, it might be time to offload some of that management to an automated tool.

April 24, 2006 | Uplogix Adds Service-Level Savvy to Envoy
Uplogix today unveiled Version 2.5 of Envoy and Envoy Management Station (EMS).

April 10, 2006 | Uplogix Links Up with More Funding
Austin startup’s technology can monitor and fix computer networks from afar.

April 6, 2006 | Building the Branch Office from the Ground Up
Successful management of a remote office starts with the right infrastructure and tools.

March 1, 2006 | Remotely Manageable Offices
Managing IT assets in remote offices is expensive. Here are four areas where new technologies offer help.

February 8, 2006 | Automated Support for Remote SatCom Devices
Uplogix has unveiled new automated product support for managing a wide range of satellite communication devices through the company’s remote management solution, Envoy.

February 2, 2006 | Uplogix provides remote-site lifeline 
Envoy and EMS combo make molehills out of network device management mountains.

January 25, 2006 |  Uplogix Customer Prairie View A&M University Wins Prestigious InfoWorld 100 Award

Prairie View A&M University, an Uplogix customer, won an InfoWorld 100 Award for their WAN optimization and wireless project which relies on the Uplogix Envoy to provide remote, automated network support.

January 3, 2006 | Survey: Managers crave automated management tools
Managing large distributed networks has become more of a chore for IT executives, according to a recent survey by Uplogix.

December 5, 2005 |  Austin’s Uplogix allows companies to fix computers from far away
In the world of computer networks, there are remote offices and then there is Sakhalin Island, which sits in the Sea of Okhotsk, just off the eastern coast Russia.

October 31, 2005 | Out-Of-Band Access Gets Smarter

Startup Uplogix Inc. last week launched itself and its Envoy appliance, which is designed to improve out-of-band management.

October 24, 2005 | Uplogix Envoy 2.0 takes auto net management to the edge
Uplogix Monday released Version 2.0 of Envoy, the company’s network management solution. The new version boasts improved availability, management security, and integration, according to the Austin, Texas-based company.

October 24, 2005 | OOB: A little-known technology with big potential
Most people associate Out-of-Band Management (OOB) – if they have a clear association for it at all – with remote KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) used to fix problems and reboot troubled systems consoles in remote locations.

October 24, 2005 | Tool gives on-site management capabilities to distributed networks
Joshua Tabin is always looking for new technology to keep his company’s global network running smoothly without a lot of added expense.

October 21, 2005 |  Out-Of-Band Systems Management Helps Businesses Expand
Uplogix introduces a new version of its network management software for centralized and remote management that makes use of out-of-band techniques to gain access to servers and other IT systems that have crashed, lost power, or have faulty network connections.

August 2005 | Reprinted with permission from Telecom Trends

Uplogix was formed in Fall 2003 “to provide automated network support solutions for enterprises seeking to reduce the cost and complexity of managing their networks.”

July 8, 2005 | Austin’s Uplogix lands $3.6 million
Network maintenance automation startup already has its first product and customers