500 Local Manager

The Uplogix 500 Local Manager

Made in the USA

Uplogix is created, coded and constructed in Austin, Texas.


The Uplogix 500 is a full featured, compact and cost effective Local Manager capable of managing six network devices including a managed power supply. This smaller version of the Uplogix 5000 is well suited for deployments that have physical space limitations, or in non–racked environments. It is ideal for branch offices and remote applications where space is at a premium.

Technical Specifications


  • Network interfaces: Supports up to 6 network devices (including a managed power supply) via serial (RS-232)
  • Management interfaces: Two 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet interfaces (with failover support) and one RS-232 console port
  • On-board storage: 30GB SSD with available 256-bit AES compliant data encryption
  • Peripheral connectivity: One RS232 power management port, one RJ-11 modem port, and two USB ports
  • One mezzanine option slot (RS232; V.92, cellular, and fiber cards available)

Dimensions and Weight

  • Height, Width, Depth: 43 mm (1.7 in.) x 165 mm (6.5 in.) x 134 mm (5.25 in.); 1 rack unit (1RU)
  • Weight: 1.2 kg (1.7 lbs.)

Operating Environment

  • Power Supply: External universal power adapter (100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, incuded) 20W (68.24 BTU)
  • Operating: 0° C to 45° C (32° F to 113° F) at mean sea level, 20% to 80% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Non-operating: -30° C to 60° C (-22° F to 140° F) at mean sea level, 90% relative humidity, non-condensing


  • Emissions: FCC class A, CE, TUV
  • RoHS Compliant

Configurations and Accessories


Uplogix Option Card Cellular

LTE Cell Modem Kit-AT&T
500/5000 LTE with HSPA+, 3G, GPRS/GSM internal modem for AT&T w/ external antenna500/5000 LTE with HSPA+, 3G, GPRS/GSM internal modem for AT&T w/ external antenna

LTE Cell Modem Kit-Verizon
500/5000 LTE internal modem for Verizon with external high gain antenna

LTE Cell Modem Kit-EU/AUS
500/5000 LTE internal modem for EU/UK/AUS/NZ with external high gain antenna

Uplogix Option Card CellularPenta-band HSPA+ Cellular Modem for Uplogix 500/5000 with external antenna

Uplogix Option Card SFP FiberUplogix 500/5000 Fiber-E Module, w/Multi-Mode Fiber SFP
Install either a 1000Base SX (GLC-SX-MM) SFP or the 1000Base LX/LH (GLC-LH-SM) SFP for fiber connectivity. Both the 1000Base SX (GLC-SX-MM) SFP and the 1000Base LX/LH (GLC-LH-SM) SFP are customer-provided equipment.

Uplogix Option Card RS232Uplogix 500 / 5000 RS232 Module

Uplogix 500/5000 V.92 Modem ModuleUplogix Option Card v.92


Uplogix 500

Uplogix 500 Local Manager chassis with 6 serial ports

Uplogix 500

Uplogix FIPS 500 Local Manager chassis with 6 serial ports.

Includes FIPS software, Opal SSC self-encrypting drives, tamper evident labels (TELs).


Uplogix USB Handheld USB Display and Control Module

Uplogix USB Handheld LCD Display and Control Module for Uplogix LM83X, LM80 and 500


Uplogix USB Temperature and Humidity Sensor for Uplogix 500/5000

LEO-500I Satellite Modem Kit, Includes Iridium 9523, Above and Below Deck Units, power supply and power cords. 500-foot maximum distance between BDU and ADU. Helix cone Iridium and GPS antennas are included with 10-foot cables and right-angle mounts. Antennas can be mounted up to 50-feet away from ADU with customer-provided cable.

Uplogix 500 Center-Mount Rack Ears

Contains 2 mounting ears and screws


Uplogix 500 Accessory Kit

  • 1 ea Power Cord, adaptor
  • 1 ea Rack Side Mount Ear
  • 2 ea Mounting Screws
  • 1 ea DB9/RJ45 Adaptor
  • 1 ea Connection Instruction Sheet
  • 1 ea Warranty Booklet

Uplogix Resource Center

Uplogix attacks the challenges of network management from a different angle. Take a few minutes to browse through our Data Sheets, Case Studies and additional resources to see for yourself.