The Uplogix Monthly Newsletter

Maritime networks concerned following breach

Maritime networks are getting even more serious about security following the high-profile cyber attack of shipping giant Maersk in June. The coordinated attack impacted business on a global scale as Maersk had to take IT systems offline to respond to the breach over the span of about a week. It's not the first time maritime networks have been a victim [...]

Why you’ll still want out-of-band for NFV

As with traditional network architectures, NFV or Network Function Virtualization, still faces some of the same challenges when it comes to reliance on the network itself for monitoring and managing the network infrastructure, rapid identification and resolution of network issues and ensuring secure access to and logging for network components. The Uplogix out‐of‐band platform brings the same functionality for continuous [...]

Cisco: 75% of IoT initiatives not successful

In a study out from Cisco this week, one of the key vendors in IoT, says that only 26 percent of companies in their survey feel that they have been successful with their IoT initiatives. The danger zone for most IoT initiatives is the proof of concept (POC) stage, where 60 percent stall. The complexity of moving from the POC to the real [...]

Luxury yacht network security might matter to you

Granted not all of us spend our time relaxing on one of the increasing number of luxury yachts charting the high seas and exclusive tropical island destinations, but they are becoming more common and more connected. Luxury yacht network security is growing in importance as some of the world's titans of business take their work with them, essentially turning multi-million [...]



Uplogix helps feed network connectivity and uptime for multinational food products company NOC team | Sugar Foods Corporation has chosen the Uplogix platform to replace legacy console servers for managing their IT network spanning locations across North America.


WAN Traffic Failover elevates expectations for what’s possible with out-of-band technology in latest software release | Uplogix announced today details on the upcoming release of the next version of software.


Uplogix Delivers Virtual Remote Management of Satcoms Systems at Sea | Uplogix announced it has deployed its first virtual Local Management solution onboard maritime vessels with MTN Communications.