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We’re definitely in the dog days of summer here in Austin, Texas as we continue to break records for 100+ degree days. It’s a great time to avoid “windshield time” and network service calls with an out-of-band platform.  

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Automation & AI don’t make talent obsolete

The same (unfounded) concern we've heard for years from network admins that the automation functionality in Uplogix is going to take their job is being applied to AI in the workplace. It can't be [...]

Malware infections vary by geography

No place is safe from malware and cyber attacks, but according to a new study, some locations seem to be more likely to suffer from infections. The top three cities in term of rate [...]

(Cyber) incident control

Looking to frame the Uplogix story around cyber resiliency the other day, we came up with a good metaphor: Uplogix works much like the incident control vehicles used by first responders in adverse weather [...]

Managing hybrid networks with out-of-band

The term hybrid network today encompasses traditional physical network infrastructure as well as networks created through network function virtualization (NFV) and even cloud networks. An out-of-band platform like Uplogix is in an interesting position to [...]

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Networks Unlimited partners with Uplogix to automate network management across the Sub-Saharan region | African value-added distributor, Networks Unlimited, has signed a distribution agreement with Uplogix to expand the distribution of its remote network management platform to the Sub-Saharan region.

Uplogix helps feed network connectivity and uptime for multinational food products company NOC team | Sugar Foods Corporation replaces legacy console servers with Uplogix for automated remote management capabilities and increased network security.