Locally managing inline devices with Uplogix

Inline devices like intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and WAN acceleration are a common part of most network setups today. While these applications have become critical to network operations, they also pose a critical point of failure based on their location, often between layers 2 and 3 in the network topology. Network-independent local monitoringUplogix local management [...]

Deploying local management in your network virtually

All Uplogix custom solutions are based on the patented Local Management Software (LMS), originally developed for use on specialized Uplogix hardware (Uplogix Local Managers). Uplogix LMS is now available, in its entirety, packaged as a virtual machine. Virtual Local Managers of all kinds can be mixed and matched in the same deployment with Uplogix Local [...]

Inside looking out: Local info for centralized network management

The device-level data used by traditional centralized management tools includes device statistics collected via ICMP, SNMP get requests and SNMP traps based on predetermined thresholds and rules. These tools gather and receive this important information from devices over the network. If the network isn’t available, the data isn’t either, and centralized network management cannot do [...]

The Power of Local Management for the Energy Industry

The networking challenges in the Energy business rival those of any other industry. Combine vast distances between sites, large amounts of data and truly critical requirements for uptime and security with the fact that much of the infrastructure is years and decades old, and it's clear why Uplogix has found wide adoption in Energy. Our [...]

Local management for server automation (Part 2 of 2)

The first part of this article had an introduction of some of the functionality Uplogix brings to server management and an example of what that impact looks like when solving a problem.This article will provide more details on what Uplogix does for servers. Uplogix gives you the option of connecting to servers over Ethernet, Serial [...]

Local management for server automation (Part 1 of 2)

In addition to the solutions that local management brings to network infrastructure devices, Uplogix has a number of features for management automation of servers.The benefits are reduced operational costs, faster resolution when issues arise and improved security and compliance vs. centralized-only management.Some of the key functionality for servers includes:Secure Access | Provides secure access to [...]

Bringing home office network reliability to the high seas

One of the key markets for Uplogix is maritime satellite services. We just published a new customer case study for Orange Business Services detailing how they utilize Uplogix in their efforts to deliver business-level reliability and service for networks aboard vessels at sea.Connected ships are extensions of the home officeModern satellite broadband communications transform any [...]

Uplogix more than insurance for Information Assurance

We're back to the oven of Austin from the tropics of Tampa's LandWarNet Army IT tradeshow where we had many conversations with Information Assurance, or IA people. In addition to being able to drop some of the key acronyms that IA folks want to hear like FIPS 140-2 compliance, Uplogix really has a great story [...]

Culture as important as technology for avoiding network downtime?

In a recent Network World article, Cisco's Denise Fishurne cautions recent attendees of Cisco Live returning to their workplace with aspirations of applying new knowledge for high availability and fast convergence to start off with a little introspection first.She asserts that preparing your network for recovery once there is a failure is about more than [...]

New Uplogix software version runs as VM and more

The next rev of the Uplogix Local Management Software, v4.4, is available. It runs as a VM on the Cisco UCS Express platform and includes features for dedicated networks plus new and expanded advanced device drivers. The initial application of the newly virtualized Uplogix software is available on the Cisco UCS Express platform running in [...]