How many comatose servers do you have?

There might be 10 million physical servers deployed inside data centers worldwide powered-up, connected and operating, yet not delivering any information or computing services over the last six months, according to a recent study by Anthesis Group. They partnered with Stanford University and TSO Logic to determine that roughly 30 percent of servers deployed worldwide [...]

Does your data center have “green fatigue?”

A recent survey by the Uptime Institute indicates that fatigue is beginning to hit some data centers when it comes to the quest for greener and greener operations. In the most recent survey, only half of North American respondents considered energy efficiency to be very important to their companies. This continued a two-year trend, as [...]

Managing devices locally for a greener network

Many network environments have redundant gear that is always powered-on just waiting to be needed. Day-in and day-out this gear hums along burning electricity without providing any service other than insurance. Chalk it up as a cost of providing 99.99%-plus uptime; redundancy is a fact of life. This practice is common in many offices and [...]

How smart is your data center?

One in five data centers are soaring at peak efficiency. A January 2012 global study of CIOs and IT managers by IBM concluded that only about one in five data centers have reached the peak of efficiency. How exactly do they define peak efficiency? Like many things -- it depends. For some data centers it [...]

Local Management: Imperative for the Cloud

Here is a peek at the new white paper from Uplogix: Meeting the Network Requirements of Cloud and Virtual Computing with Local Management. Don't let the catchy title fool you -- this paper could be the plot of a movie. There is the introduction of characters, introduction of the conflict, rising action, heroes, villains... but [...]

Local management for server automation (Part 2 of 2)

The first part of this article had an introduction of some of the functionality Uplogix brings to server management and an example of what that impact looks like when solving a problem.This article will provide more details on what Uplogix does for servers. Uplogix gives you the option of connecting to servers over Ethernet, Serial [...]

Local management for server automation (Part 1 of 2)

In addition to the solutions that local management brings to network infrastructure devices, Uplogix has a number of features for management automation of servers.The benefits are reduced operational costs, faster resolution when issues arise and improved security and compliance vs. centralized-only management.Some of the key functionality for servers includes:Secure Access | Provides secure access to [...]