How many comatose servers do you have?

There might be 10 million physical servers deployed inside data centers worldwide powered-up, connected and operating, yet not delivering any information or computing services over the last six months, according to a recent study

by Anthesis Group. They partnered with Stanford University and TSO Logic to determine that roughly 30 percent of servers deployed worldwide are what they called “comatose.”

Estimated at $30 billion worth of IT assets, the report cites management silos as the root cause for the waste, calling for change in how data centers are managed. With budgets split across IT, most organizations wind up over-provisioning server capacity. Servers are often paid for with capital budgets, acquired in advance of the anticipated need, and often based on high-end expectations.

The result is servers are deployed, under-utilized, and left to spin among themselves drawing power, cooling and valuable rack space.

This doesn’t have to be the case; Uplogix can reliably (and automatically if needed) power down your comatose server and bring it up again when you need it. Whether your data center is next door, across the world, or lights-out, this can be valuable.

In addition to the solutions that Uplogix brings to network infrastructure devices, there are a number of features for management automation of servers. The benefits include reduced operational costs, faster resolution when issues arise and improved security and compliance vs. centralized-only management.Using service processor automation, Uplogix provides the ability to remotely monitor, manage, diagnose and recover servers, even if operating system has hung or the server is powered down. The connection to the service processor of a remote server over IPMI lets Uplogix manage the server’s power, system event log and sensor information without relying on the server OS.

Uplogix gives you the option of connecting to servers over Ethernet, Serial or both. These
different connections provide functionality for secure access, monitoring and managing servers locally.
For more information on what Uplogix can do to combat comatose servers, check out the Solution Brief on Uplogix for servers.



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