New functionality for TracStar Antennas

Stationary autoacquire antennas provide delivery of broadband satellite-based Internet services into mobile environments virtually anywhere. Local Management software now supports the DirectPoint mode for TracStar satellite antennas. This functionality adds to the robust support Uplogix already provides for satcom systems in use worldwide in energy, military and telecom deployments.The DirectPoint functionality is designed to enhance [...]

Out-of-this-World Managed Services

What's a greater risk? Asteroids or network downtime from Level 1 support issues? [UPDATED: 2/15/13 We survived!] While the threat of an asteroid's path bringing it inside the orbit of geosynchronous weather and communications satellites and taking one out is real, it's much less of a concern for most satellite-based managed service providers than meeting [...]

Going beyond monitoring for true network management

Uplogix founder and CTO James Dollar was recent interviewed for a story in Via Satellite magazine on the state of network management in the satellite network world. Having been in the room during the phone interview, it was interesting to hear Dollar put Uplogix into the context of other solutions the reporter was including in [...]

Expanding the reach of local management in secure mobile communications

Uplogix recently announced an agreement with TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) that will allow TCS to utilized Uplogix solutions in their managed services business units, as well as act as a reseller of Uplogix solutions to end customers. TCS is a leader in reliable and secure mobile communications technology with solutions ranging from military communications to [...]

New users of local management on the high seas

For nearly 100 years, Radio Holland has brought the latest communications technology to sea to improve maritime business, shipboard life and safety. In addition, Radio Holland USA uses Uplogix to reduce support costs for satellite communications and to improve customer experience. With a corporate emphasis on quality service, Radio Holland uses Uplogix to monitor shipboard [...]

Out-of-band access and automation for Winegard antennas

Uplogix recently announced interoperability of Winegard auto-acquiring antennas with the Uplogix remote management appliances. This means the appliances are able to monitor parameters on the antenna controllers and issue commands to enable, reposition, retarget, stow the antenna and more. This functionality allows operators to control remote equipment as if they were onsite. Uplogix Local Management [...]