New users of local management on the high seas

For nearly 100 years, Radio Holland has brought the latest communications technology to sea to improve maritime business, shipboard life and safety. In addition, Radio Holland USA uses Uplogix to reduce support costs for satellite communications and to improve customer experience.

With a corporate emphasis on quality service, Radio Holland uses Uplogix to monitor shipboard communications and networking gear. In the event of trouble, Uplogix can automatically resolve many problems – often before they are noticed by ship or shore personnel.

The primary access to Uplogix Local Managers (LMs) is in-band over the core satellite connection, but if there is a problem with that link, out-of-band connectivity through a variety of options ensures that Radio Holland always has access to remote gear.

Uplogix offers Radio Holland an effective approach to reducing the cost and complexity of supporting satellite network environments. LMs enable operators to remotely monitor and control both satellite and terrestrial-based network equipment. The LMs co-locate and connect serially with network and satellite communications equipment to provide non-stop local management and control.

Uplogix LMs automate numerous network support, maintenance, configuration and recovery procedures – reducing the time, cost and error associated with manual support. Radio Holland administrators can manage all Uplogix LMs via the Uplogix Control Center, a centralized, web-based portal that presents a full inventory of both Uplogix devices and the infrastructure equipment connected to them.

To learn more about how Radio Holland USA uses
Uplogix Local Management, check out the case study.



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