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What’s a greater risk? Asteroids or network
downtime from Level 1 support issues?

[UPDATED: 2/15/13 We survived!]

While the threat of an asteroid’s path bringing it inside the orbit of geosynchronous weather and communications satellites and taking one out is real, it’s much less of a concern for most satellite-based managed service providers than meeting customer SLAs on a daily basis. If you are more worried about asteroids, Google Bruce Willis. If you need to reduce the cost and complexity of supporting satellite deployments, keep reading, then call Uplogix.

Hit SLAs, Differentiate Your Satellite Services and Increase Profits with Local Management
Uplogix drastically reduces the cost and complexity of supporting satellite deployments in both the remote locations common in energy and government, as well as high volume urban deployments used in retail and finance. With the ability to remotely monitor, manage, and control traditional IP-networking and satellite equipment on the customer premise even when the network is down, Uplogix Local Managers (LMs) serve as a virtual onsite technician/satellite operator at each site. Think of the impact of being able to deploy your most trusted IT admin to each of your customer sites 24×7.

Typical Satellite Deployments
Uplogix LMs deployed at customer sites are connected over the console port to managed network devices. With a variety of out-of-band options, Uplogix ensures that you can always have access for local management and control. Appliances are managed from the Uplogix Control Center in the MSP operation center.

Save Operational Costs

  • Reduce site visits | Uplogix LMs can automate a majority of the routine maintenance and recovery tasks required for hybrid networks including failed configuration changes and rebooting hung equipment. Even if a device problem breaks the connection to the site, with the LM deployed locally, it can work to recover the device and restore the connection. Increase technician utilization rates by only deploying them for break-fix that requires a human onsite. Reduce SLA penalties at all levels by increasing uptime and reliability.
  • Know what’s happening at each site | Strengthen your existing monitoring and management solutions with robust information collected directly from devices and available when the network is up or down. Out-of-band connectivity through a variety of options including dial-up, cellular or satellite modems means you always have a management connection to the customer site.
  • Simplify remote management | The Uplogix Control Center can be configured to support and manage multiple customer environments via a multi-tenant model. Schedule changes to roll out across the world at the most appropriate time.
So, assuming NASA is correct that the relatively close pass of an asteroid next week won’t hit Earth, AND it doesn’t take out your comm satellite, put some thought into how you can impact your day-to-day operations with local management.



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