Does your data center have “green fatigue?”

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A recent survey by the Uptime Institute indicates that fatigue is beginning to hit some data centers when it comes to the quest for greener and greener operations. In the most recent survey, only half of North American respondents considered energy efficiency to be very important to their companies. This continued a two-year trend, as [...]

Death, taxes and downtime — pick two?

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There are lots of stats on downtime - one we use around Uplogix is that 60% of network downtime is caused by human error during device configuration. Maybe it's from a "fat-finger" mistake, or it could be what was thought to be a simple change actually impacted the device in unexpected ways. Many in IT [...]

Mixing Local Management with rocket science

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Last week was the Satellite 2013 Conference in Washington DC. Uplogix was there exhibiting in the large hall featuring a variety of vendors promoting everything from rocket launch vehicles to nondescript signal conversion widgets to air time. As usual, our message was a little different, but well received in the satellite market. There were some [...]

Be Prepared – What Local Management can do in disaster

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The expectations for the storm as of Monday morning, October 29. As the Northeast region of the United States hunkers down for the landfall of Hurricane Sandy it seems to be a good time to reflect (under the blue skies and cool temperatures of a nice early fall day here at Uplogix headquarters in Austin) [...]

Being right there: Uplogix phones home

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Thirty years ago, a wrinkly alien named ET showed how important the idea of phoning home can be as he went through great effort to phone home to report his status. Luckily with Uplogix you won't have to build an antenna out of an umbrella and aluminum foil. No need for a Speak & Spell [...]

Uplogix partner releases State of the Network report

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Network Instruments recently issued their annual State of the Network report predicting a number of network challenges due to increasing use of video and Cloud technologies. With no shortage of work for IT at most companies, the next year should be busy. The highlights from the study include the following challenges for IT staffs: Moving [...]

Culture as important as technology for avoiding network downtime?

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In a recent Network World article, Cisco's Denise Fishurne cautions recent attendees of Cisco Live returning to their workplace with aspirations of applying new knowledge for high availability and fast convergence to start off with a little introspection first.She asserts that preparing your network for recovery once there is a failure is about more than [...]