Your sleeping army for network automation

There is a good chance that your network has a sleeping army of undead devices out there just waiting to be commanded into action. Not zombies, but console servers. Used for years for remote access to devices connected by some form of out-of-band link, these unassuming devices sit quietly doing nothing at all until finally commanded to arise.

Give your console servers the brains they need to work for you all day, every day with Uplogix. We have evolved out-of-band to deliver reliable network management automation and enhanced security from these former zombies. It’s so cool, it’s spooky.

Uplogix can be deployed in a variety of ways depending on your existing infrastructure and network management needs. Replace your old console servers with our advanced Local Manager appliances, keep them in place and let Uplogix be their brain, or run Uplogix virtually and manage devices over the LAN.

On purpose-built Uplogix appliances
Built to go beyond the limits of previous out-of-band technologies, our fourth-generation hardware can handle your requirements for size, port density and options for out-of-band types. On-board storage and processing power run the Uplogix software natively.

As a front-end for existing console servers
Deploy Uplogix as a VM on a server directly connected to a console server connected to managed devices. This option is ideal when console servers are already in place.

Virtually, connected over the LAN
Uplogix software is installed on a virtual server accessing managed devices over the Local Area Network via virtual console ports. This approach requires no physical changes at the site where managed devices reside, while delivering much of the functionality of a physical Local Manager. This solution offers a fast, easy, cost-effective way to gain the benefits of out-of-band management for many applications.

For more information, talk with us to help see which option or options make the most sense for your network management needs.

Your zombie console servers need brains.

Uplogix  can turn your console servers into an army for network automation.

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