DoD releases Digital Modernization Strategy


The latest Department of Defense guidance for IT in both DISA and the Department as a whole, the DoD Digital Modernization Strategy, was released earlier this month and includes four strategic initiatives: innovation for advantage, optimization, resiliency cybersecurity and cultivation of talent.

This DoD roadmap will enable, “increased lethality for the Joint warfighter, empower new partnerships that will drive mission success, and implement new reforms enacted to improve capabilities across the information enterprise.”

The foreword to the document calls for recognition of government/industry collaboration to modernize the digital environment across DoD. Uplogix is a partner in this effort to provide the DoD with modern network management technology and provides functionality that hits at each of the strategic initiatives. Uplogix automation for network management helps admins run distributed networks more efficiently, with faster response times and less time spent on routine tasks. This allows for networking talent to focus on the critical objectives of improving DoD IT, not just keeping the lights on in what’s clearly the new arms race, cyber warfare.

“DoD overmatch in conventional and strategic weaponry may be overcome through sophisticated attacks within cyberspace, supply chain exploitation across the acquisition and sustainment lifecycle, and intelligence operations targeting insiders with access. The Department must adopt a “Cyber First, Cyber Always” mindset and be prepared to defend DoD systems in a contested cyberspace.”

For cybersecurity resiliency, Uplogix can store configurations for a “safe mode” for network devices, limiting functionality to effectively quarantine sections of your network. With Uplogix you can push a config to one device, or thousands deployed across your network. Think of it as a panic button.

As the scope of the breach becomes more clear, Uplogix can push additional configurations to bring unaffected services and locations back up across your network, ensuring the fastest return to normal possible. Network resiliency is defined not just by how unlikely your network is to get hacked, but maybe even more importantly how quickly you can recover.

It’s called the 5th Domain of warfare, cyber attacks. The DoD is working hard to maintain its dominance and Uplogix is proud to be part of this new domain.



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