Wrapping up the spring/summer trade show season

Trade show: CiscoLive 2019

CiscoLive 2019 in San Diego finished a couple of weeks ago, bringing the trade show whirlwind to a close for Uplogix. It’s always great to cram hundreds of introductory conversations and hands-on demos with network people into a few days to provide some perspective on the state of the industry. Here are a few trends we’re seeing.

Out-of-band is a requirement, not a nice to have

Years ago, conversations at a trade show often involved more explanation of what out-of-band management was. Today, everyone has an idea of what that means. Many, if not most, have some form of out-of-band access. If they don’t, it often sounds like a point of embarrassment: “Yeah, we really don’t have anything like that today. It’s a problem.”

Not a problem, we can help you out. What comes next in the conversation is typically where we blow their minds with the broad functionality of the Uplogix platform. It’s the difference between out-of-band and out-of-band management.

Automation isn’t something to be feared

The network engineers and managers we talk with at events are slammed like never before with complaints from users, demands from upper management and vendors rolling out new solutions on what probably seems like a daily basis. In the past, many networkers feared automation as something that could sinisterly take down their network, creating more problems than it solves. Today, solutions that make life better are sought after and solutions that automate routine, time-sucking tasks are a requirement.

Uplogix not only has automated capabilities to help the network run better with less hands-on effort, but it also provides what we sometimes call “longer arms and better tools” for network managers. Tools for working smarter, not harder.

Everyone cares about security

This one is a no-brainer, but people at a trade show are looking for secure solutions that work. Whether that means integrating with existing TACACS or Radius systems to authenticate users or ensuring that stored data is encrypted, nobody wants to end up on the news and this week’s poster child for failed security.

We’ve got you covered with Uplogix. As a secure gateway to devices, you can use our Control Center to easily manage highly granular access groups, integration with your existing AAA systems and hit compliance requirements for knowing who did what, and when. We’ve checked the boxes for the federal security folks with a FIPS 140-2 level 2 certification.

Buying solutions can be difficult

Many of our conversations at a trade show involve questions about how to buy Uplogix. Apparently buying IT solutions often isn’t always easy.

Not so with Uplogix — we can work with you. Buy direct, through a reseller… purchasing shouldn’t be a hurdle. Our sales process is consultative and solution based. We ask a lot of questions up front to drive relevant demos where we answer your questions, talk about functions you care about, and maybe a few you didn’t even know you’d find really interesting. A proof-of-concept might be next. We’ll work with you to ensure the POC gives you the data you need about how Uplogix will work in your network. Then we won’t just sell you a box and wish you good luck. We’re about solving problems in your network and ensuring you get everything you can out of your purchase. Uplogix is based in Austin, Texas. We code here, we manufacture here, we support you from here. Our support team is made up of network engineers that know networks — not just our product.

What’s next?

We’re busying following up with the hundreds of people we talked with at shows in spring & early summer. If you were one of these conversations, let’s get a demo booked. If you didn’t talk with us, no problem — we can set up a demo with you too. Just click here! 



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