Cyber Resiliency through Out-of-Band

Using out-of-band for improved network cyber resiliency.

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The Uplogix out-of-band platform brings a combination of network independence, intelligence and automation to give your team the tools to make your network more resilient — especially during a network hack. Here’s how it works.

Uplogix locates with — and directly connects to — managed devices. Like a virtual technician, Uplogix performs the monitoring, config & change, automated problem resolution and security tasks that are best done or can only be done onsite. With a dedicated out-of-band connection, Uplogix can always be reached remotely even when the primary network is down or degraded from a hack.

Zero-day, near zero-hour responsiveness

From the moment you become aware that your network might have been hacked, a clock starts ticking. You want to minimize the impact by locking down impacted or potentially impacted network functions.

Uplogix can store configurations for a “safe mode” for network devices, limiting functionality to effectively quarantine sections of your network. With Uplogix you can push a config to one device, or thousands deployed across your network. Think of it as a panic button.

As the scope of the breach becomes more clear, Uplogix can push additional configurations to bring unaffected services and locations back up across your network, ensuring the fastest return to normal possible. Network resiliency is defined not just by how unlikely your network is to get hacked, but maybe even more importantly how quickly you can recover.

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Scale your response team with automation

In an emergency it’s all hands on deck, but even that is often not enough. Uplogix acts as a multiplier for your response team with safe and reliable automation for configuration and OS changes.

Using the network or an out-of-band link, Uplogix can automatically and remotely push configuration changes and upgrades without the risk that the changes could result in further network outages.

Automated SurgicalRollback™ restores valid configurations automatically, plus highlights issues requiring human intervention when problems occur.

Access passwords on one or hundreds of devices can be securely updated in a single action. Using configuration differencing to review recent changes to network and communications devices, admins can easily discern if either problematic or corrective changes have been made to devices.  Administrative complexity created by heterogeneous network infrastructures is reduced by providing a single consistent management interface.

Always connected—Out-of-Band options

Key features of Uplogix is persistent connectivity and continuous monitoring to remote gear. With Uplogix connected to your network and communications devices, and an out-of-band connection of your choice, you can count on maintaining management access and two-way control even when the network is down or degraded.

In addition to being able to connect to devices, when the network is down Uplogix Local Managers continue to enforce security policies, log all changes and the results of those changes, and continuously monitor critical device statistics and user interactions.

Uplogix Local Managers are the most reliable and secure out-band-access solution on the market today, with unique capabilities to ensure that when you need access, you get it. Uplogix Local Managers feature an array of communications, secure access and automation capabilities not found in commodity console or terminal servers.

Connectivity options include:

  • V.92 modem
  • Cellular (GSM and CDMA) including support for non-circuit switched service with SMS triggered “phone home”
  • Secondary Ethernet
  • LEO satellite

You can also configure multiple options and use rules to decide which option to use and when.

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Uplogix: Network First Responder

eBook: Achieving cyber resiliency for your network infrastructure

Uplogix is your day zero first responder when it comes to response and recovery from a network hack. With the secure out-of-band access and automation that you can rely on both as a “panic button” to initiate a lock-down as well as the tools needed for a quick and deliberate recovery.

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It’s not too late, but you are already behind the curve

The average detection time for network intrusions ranges from days to months. Average cost of a data breach is topping $3 million, and that doesn’t even factor in ongoing business impacts like negative press. You don’t want to end up on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for all the wrong reasons.

The time for action is now.

Network security is like a tug-of-war. Every time the good guys make incremental progress, the bad guys come up with something new and powerful to secure the advantage. Deploying Uplogix as a network first responder is like adding people to your side, pulling the rope back in your direction and making your network more resilient.

For more information on how Uplogix can make your zero day a hero day, please contact us.




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