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edge networking

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Edge networking stood out as a key area of interest on a recent NetworkWorld survey, with more than half of respondents indicating they have immediate plans.

The 8th annual State of the Network survey indicated a growing importance of edge networking as organizations look to reduce latency by bringing computing resources closer to the user, avoiding travel time over the network to a data center or cloud for processing.

“Computing is moving closer to the edge of the network, giving organizations the ability to analyze data in near real-time”
NetworkWorld’s State of the Network Survey

Uplogix has been working at the edge from our beginning as a critical tool for addressing the challenges of managing branch offices with capabilities that lower support costs and increase uptime and network security. Uplogix also complements existing in-band, centralized monitoring systems while providing centralized IT staff with the access, control and enforcement capabilities needed to manage remote locations

The survey also showed an interest in intent-based networking (IBN), a collection of automation, analytics, software and policies that let network administrators define what they want their network to do. It shows the payoff of marketing efforts by heavyweights like Cisco and Juniper with 54% of those surveyed responding that they are familiar with the technology. Awareness doesn’t mean deployment, however, with only 3% reporting adoption of the technology and 8% at the beginning stages.

Software Defined Networks (SDN) are also growing with 39% actively researching and 11% with SDN in production plus another 10% piloting the technology. SDN is hot, with IDC predicting the SDN market will continue to grow at 25.4% CGR to reach $13.8 billion by 2021.

As with most technologies, they don’t deploy overnight. Uplogix is a useful tool for transitioning to these new forms of networking by providing reliable access and the ability to manage both physical infrastructure and virtual devices.




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