With WAN Traffic Failover, you won’t ask WTF

WTF-WAN Traffic Failover

For years, Uplogix has delivered out-of-band (OOB) connections over everything from a POTS line to satellites and fiber to cell modems. All that time, people asked us if they could move non-management traffic over those links and the answer was always no. About a year ago we released WTF – WAN Traffic Failover. With the high bandwidth of LTE modems using that OOB link for primary traffic made sense.

For how it works, check out the Out-of-Band Access page. For a high level view of what it could mean in your network, check out the video.

The bottom line

Out-of-band is more than just an alternate path to remote gear, it’s a smarter way to manage your network and eliminate downtime.



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