End-of-life announced for older hardware

Customers can upgrade older hardware to newer models with end-of-life offer

Uplogix is announcing the end-of-life of a few older hardware platforms, specifically the Uplogix 3200, Uplogix 430 and Uplogix 400 platforms. In order to continue providing superior products to our customers, we stay on the forefront of technological innovations and market changes. Therefore, effective December 31, 2016, we will no longer offer maintenance renewal contracts for these products. Hardware not under maintenance isn’t eligible for software upgrades.

Customers with products currently under maintenance will be notified directly by their account executive. To assist with the transition to our new platforms, Uplogix is offering an upgrade trade-in program to allow customers to update EOL hardware under a current maintenance contract with the latest generation of Uplogix hardware, the Uplogix 5000 and Uplogix 500. A significant credit will be applied for the devices returned in the program.

Current Uplogix hardware

The Uplogix 5000 and Uplogix 500 are the fourth generation of Uplogix Local Managers. They represent significant design improvements in size, efficiency and usability over previous generations, and have been operating in the field for over two years. Uplogix proudly manufactures the 5000 and 500 in the USA.

End-of-life hardware platforms

Uplogix 3200

Uplogix 3200 platform end-of-life announced

Uplogix 430

Uplogix 430 platform end-of-life announced

Uplogix 400

Uplogix 400 platform end-of-life announced



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