The Power of Local Management for the Energy Industry

The networking challenges in the Energy business rival those of any other industry. Combine vast distances between sites, large amounts of data and truly critical requirements for uptime and security with the fact that much of the infrastructure is years and decades old, and it’s clear why Uplogix has found wide adoption in Energy.

Our customers include some of the largest providers of power, operators of vast electric grids, as well as producers of natural gas. Local management has lowered support costs and increased uptime along thousands of miles of pipelines crossing the United States and Canada.

The importance of the electric grid was demonstrated in last week’s power failure in southern California, western Arizona and northern Mexico. Over 7 million customers were without power causing an estimated $80 million to $100 million in economic losses in an outage attributed to human error.

As Smart Grid technologies roll out, increased reliance on networks is a given. Integrating older SCADA-based networks with IP networks is an ongoing challenge that is seeing acceleration with the demand for smarter power networks.

Uplogix Local Management solutions address the unique challenges of managing a SCADA environment in harmony with growing networks. Uplogix Local Managers (LMs) collocate with SCADA devices and network equipment to provide local access, enforcement and control, minimizing time-consuming, expensive and risky tech support trips to remote locations to troubleshoot and fix routine network problems. From the Uplogix Control Center, administrators can centrally monitor and manage all network devices and SCADA systems connected to the Uplogix LM via an easy-to-use, web-based interface.

Learn more in the Uplogix Solution Brief on Local Management for SCADA Networks.



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