Out-of-band + automation sharpen service provider’s competitive edge

In the oil & gas industry, outfitting fleets of communication vehicles on land, in the air and at sea means putting equipment into harsh locations — often without a communications specialist onsite. Data Technology Solutions has found Uplogix appliances help them meet SLA’s for uptime while keeping support costs low.

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Remote visibility and access to deployed gear
By connecting an Uplogix appliance over the console port to the VSAT antenna, satellite modem, router and switch, DTS has secure management access to the key devices. The appliance monitors the gear at 30 second intervals, reporting any problems to DTS both in- and out-of-band. Technicians in the NOC can see exactly which device might be having issues and can take actions to recover them.

Reduced maintenance costs and faster recovery from device issues
In the event of a problem, DTS can access the site from the NOC. If the problem is just a configuration issue, like calibrating a compass, the recovery can be handled remotely.

Occasionally devices do fail. In these situations, DTS can instruct a user onsite to swap out the device with a spare deployed onsite—literally unplugging the old one and plugging in a new one. Then through the Uplogix appliance, the NOC can handle the configuration and bring up the system. The customer just returns the failed devices to DTS when it’s convenient.

Increasing value while reducing cost
As a leader in satellite communications for the energy industry, DTS is always looking for opportunities to further differentiate themselves from their competition. Uplogix allows DTS to compete on many levels and continue to build their roster of satisfied customers.



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