Deploying local management in your network virtually

All Uplogix custom solutions are based on the patented Local Management Software (LMS), originally developed for use on specialized Uplogix hardware (Uplogix Local Managers). Uplogix LMS is now available, in its entirety, packaged as a virtual machine.

Virtual Local Managers of all kinds can be mixed and matched in the same deployment with Uplogix Local Managers and other kinds of Virtual Local Managers. This creates the opportunity for tremendous flexibility in the way that customers create Local Managers for use in their Uplogix deployment.

As a result, where appropriate, customers can save money by using hardware they already have or by consolidating servers. This also allows customers to use standard hardware from preferred vendors. In addition, this creates the opportunity for deployment on special purpose platforms such as WAN acceleration appliances or other specialized devices that run VMware.

While Custom Solutions are tailored to customer needs, certain general approaches have been shown to deliver an optimal balance between cost effectiveness, ease of deployment and robust functionality, including the following:

Uplogix LMS on a Virtual Server Connected via a Console Server
Uplogix LMS is installed on a virtual server connected via an Ethernet cable to a Console Server in order to provide LMS with network-independent console port connections to one or more managed devices. This configuration creates a fully functional Uplogix Local Manager. This option is ideal when console servers are already in place and available for use.

Uplogix LMS on a Virtual Server Using the LAN
Uplogix LMS is installed on a virtual server accessing managed devices over the Local Area Network via virtual console ports. When a server is available this approach requires no physical changes at the site where managed devices reside, while delivering much of the functionality of a full Local Manager. This solution offers a fast, easy, cost effective way to gain the benefits of local management for many applications, but may not be suitable for all scenarios.

Virtual Uplogix Control Center (UCC)
The Uplogix Control Center provides a centralized point of control and configuration for all of your Uplogix Local Managers, enterprise reporting, and serving as a consolidated point of integration for centralized management systems. In a standard deployment the UCC is delivered as hardware/software solution, but with the Virtual UCC, customers can use any hardware platform that meets system prerequisites with a VMware hypervisor.



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